At an energy loss

Leading up to my vacation I was mentally exhausted. I always have tons of energy, but putting it to use lately wasn’t happening. I never take naps, because I don’t need to, and I go to bed to get a sufficient amount of sleep every night. But all last week I had to take at least an hour nap after I got home from work. On the weekends, I was sleeping 11 and 12 hours and still going to bed at a regular time.

That’s when I started taking my iron supplements again. Since I don’t like the affect Iron has on my system, I have been taking 1 pill every 2 days rather than one a day. I ended up bringing my pills with me on vacation so I could keep up the good work. I don’t know if I’ll notice any difference in my energy levels since I’m a high energy person as it is, but I hope I don’t feel like I need to take any more naps when I get home!

But I need to get my iron up again as I want to start running more than 2 days a week when I get back home again. Can’t be slacking if I eventually want to do a half mary. But right now I want to cozy up to one of those electric fireplace insert because 17 degrees is a bit chilly for me right now when we’ve been having hot hot weather all summer. :)

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