Detoxing. Good or Bad?

Has anyone ever done a rapid detox on their bodies? There are many reasons, and ways to do a detox. Most of them can be unhealthy and not the best for your body.  But if you do it correctly, you’ll feel rejuvenated and fresh after it’s done. I haven’t done this myself, as I’m not educated enough to keep me sane and diligent enough to not cheat. Plus, I feel healthy enough as it is that I don’t need to do a detox.

What do you think of detoxing?

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  1. I’ve done a detox before, with my mum. It helps to have the people you live with doing it too! I felt better, a lot lighter, had a flat tummy (my tummy has always been quite flat, it was like a washboard when I did a detox). You know that ‘full’ feeling sometimes after eating rich food? I had the opposite of that, felt light and airy but satisfied (not hungry!).
    All I did was just drink water or herbal tea for a month and cut out ALL junk food. I ate salads for lunch and had light dinners (I still ate carbs, they form a big part of my diet all the time). Didn’t eat any meat (not difficult for me because I love lots of food without meat). I still ate cheese.
    I’m not a total health freak, I do normally eat chocolate a few times a week, something sweet, I drink fruit juice, I drink diet coke (I hate normal coke), I eat things like ice cream sometimes and I eat a lot of bread… I also have meals like roasts, macaroni cheese, sausages, currys etc which can be quite fatty. I just cut those things out for a while.
    It’s been years since my last detox, but my mum did one again recently (I don’t live with them anymore) and lost some weight, but she’s cutting out bread more or less for good because she’s intolerant – she bloats like crazy and gets mad acid reflux from it. I’m not sure I’d be able to do it again because my boyfriend would probably go mental if I tried to make him diet with me, and it would be too difficult and time consuming to make two meals everyday.

  2. Rapid detox makes me nervous… I would consider doing one, but nothing extreme. I’d still have to be able to have some foods… none of that liquid diet stuff for sure!

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