5 times you should NOT eat

Folks, as you know I am not a doctor, or registered dietician or even a nutritionist. So these tips could be completely out of whack. You may disagree with them but these are the tips that I’ve come up with for times that I personally don’t like to eat at.

1. Late at night
If you have trouble sleeping, do not add to that and eat snacks before bed. It can disrupt your sleeping patterns, and not only that can cause unnecessary weight gain since your body has not had the time to properly digest the food.

2. When you’re in a rush
Take the time and enjoy a meal. Eating on the go, you will make poor choices and grab fast foods which are convenient but not the most nutritious. If you know you’ll be in a rish, have a protein bar with you at all times, or protein powders and add some water to it to make a shake. That will hold you over, until you can sit down an have a proper meal. Be prepared in advance. I know that when I don’t have a plan, I either make something unhealthy or skip supper altogether.

3. When you’re starving
Do not rush through your meal when you are starving. You’ll overcompensate and if you rush through your meal, by the time that your brain gets the message that you’re full, you’ve bypassed it and went to bloated, my friends.

4. Before exercise
I cannot eat anything right before, or right after exercise. I eat something an hour or two before I head to CrossFit. Otherwise I feel like it’s going to make a reappearance on the floor. A heavy meal before working out can also drain your energy or cause cramping. So unpleasant.

5. When you’re stressed
Believe it or not, stress can affect your digestion and cause issues in the belly. It’s best to have a light snack and wait to have a full meal when you’re more relaxed.

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