Bring it on!

One week, there’s no soccer. The next? Two soccer leagues and two games! I love it.

I joined my regular Women’s league after missing out on indoor with them this year, and I’m ready to get back at it! Hopefully with all this going to the gym and training, and running outdoors will get some of my cardio back. Quick! We had our first game on Sunday and I know I could have played the whole game without any subs. All the girls on my team were feeling good too. We must have remembered what it was like last summer (not having a lot of endurance and needing subs). Every one felt wicked.

The other league is a co-ed one I joined last summer. It’s a bit brutal as the guys don’t let up and be nice just because you’re female. Which is awesome. Most times I can keep up with the fast paced guys, but at the same time — they have a bit better footwork than I do and it’s hard to keep up with them. I missed the first game because it was on my Birthday, so I’ll be going again t his week.

I’m ready for the season!

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