OOTD – June 17 <3

Top: RW & Co (this spring)
Black bermuda shorts: Jacob
Zebra print flats: Vianni Collection — from Joneve

The past few days I’ve been psyching myself out over this stupid 5k run that I’m doing this weekend. I have absolutely no need to freak out – what training is done, is done. I’m prepared for this and I know that I can be a speedy runner if I keep my negative thoughts out of my head. It IS all mental. I know I can turn on the jets and do that 5k. But I don’t know how realistic it is to do it in 25 minutes. Sure, that’s my goal and if I reach it I’ll buy myself something pretty. But if I don’t, it’s fine too. Not every race needs to have a personal record beaten. But it would be nice ;)

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the Boyf and I dating. Flew by, that’s for sure – and it’s the longest relationship that either of us has been in! We had plans on Monday to eat out because we knew this week was jam packed busy, especially tonight. It’s the last day of Alfie’s Obedience training.

Anyone watch soccer this morning? Argentina and South Korea? Boy that guy is fast, and looks a lot older than 23 — I thought he was in his forties! HAH. I watched the first half while getting ready for work this morning, and saw the 2 goals for Argentina go in, and then saw South Korea have a fluky goal (okay not really fluke, but Argentina’s defense definitely didn’t see it coming). Argentina came back strong to win it 4-1. I didn’t have a chance to see those.

Have an awesome Thursday guys!

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  1. you look fab! i have a ton of those “work” shorts and love them…….i teach 7th grade math and science-CRAZY! have a good day…..

  2. You look great! I love your style, it’s really similar to mine too. I’m the same coloured shirt and bermuda shorts today too! Good luck with the race!!!

    Nancy says: Thanks Micaela, I liked your OOTD’s when you posted a few at work. It was fun to see!

  3. Ive always been a reader, but I appreciate your blog much more now that I’ve gotten into running the past couple of months.

    Good luck with your run and your personal goals. Your time last time around was 30 mins? 25 is definitly doable, you’ve had much more practice and experience.

    Congrats to you and your boyfriend! :)

    Nancy says: Thanks! I think I have finally found “my place” with blogging. Before, it was all over the place – and it still sort of is, but it’s definitely more about fitness now too! :)

  4. You always know how to select a great outfit. I love those kind of bermuda shorts, and the top is very cute.

    Good luck on the 5k run!

  5. Happy Anniversary! That is awesome…5 years is a long time! :) As for the 5K…don’t let yourself freak out. After a certain point running is 100% mental. You know you can complete the 5K so just mentally believe in yourself too! I have absolute faith in you…total!

  6. Congrats to you and the boyfriend!! <3

    I want to see a better pic of the zebra shoes, they look really cute! Keep up the OOTD pics, Love em!

  7. i love this outfit! so cute. you look amazing in red!

    also pretty sure you’ve inspired me to start running….plus since the bestie is all about it these days I figure maybe i’ll get my ass in shape and start going with her!

    Nancy says: Glad I could be of SOME help! :)

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