V is for…

I was a bit hesitant on pressing the publish button on this entry.

But WTH, it’s my website. Right?

This entry is raining on everything about Valentines Day. So I warn you now, if you want to continue reading!

I feel like everyone’s rushing around trying to get something, anything, for your special someone for Valentines Day. I’m actually sorta glad that we don’t really ‘celebrate’ it to be honest. You all know that Valentines Day is coming up, it’s the exact same date each year. Yet everyone scrambles to get just “something” for their special someone.

I’d rather the little surprises here and there.

For example. My boyfriend got back from an Ottawa business trip last weekend, and he surprised me with a gift. He could have saved that for Valentines Day, but again: We’re not that type of couple. I’d rather not have a one day, busy restaurant night to celebrate our love. Do you seriously want to know what our Valentine’s Day tradition is? GOING TO McDONALD’S. No, I am not kidding. Our love for McDonald’s is something we both enjoy, and it’s cheap. We’ve been doing it for 4 years now, and it’s delicious. I am looking forward to this Saturday! The  fast food joint usually isn’t that crowded, especially because it’s “VDAY!OMG!” Plus, we’re served within seconds, and eating within minutes. This isn’t for everybody however, I’m not trying to be negative about it either. I don’t mind seeing everyone lovey–dovey for Valentines Day. I may enjoy receiving a card/chocolate. But I don’t go out of my way if I don’t have anything, and I certainly don’t scramble for an expensive (or inexpensive) gift for my boyfriend. We have a Family Day holiday this weekend, so that’s pretty sweet too. Then the week after that is PANCAKE NIGHT. Tasties. Who doesn’t love eating pancakes for supper!?

Maybe I’ve burst a bubble or two, from my readers. But that’s just how I roll. Other than that, does anyone have any plans for Valentines Day? :) Dish it.

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  1. Face it nancy, you’re still soppy, you have an annual traditional ;)
    Just teasing!
    Well, my boyfriend’s bday is Feb 14th so I have no choice but to celebrate. :) Our first christmas together went really well, but I’m still really nervous about his birthday.

  2. Haha i’m the opposite.
    Although, the bf and I surprise each other with gifts, random cards, have dates etc. ALL of the time! So Vday isn’t any different really. I just like getting pink and red things, haha. What can I say, i’m a huge support of Capitalism at the moment :P

  3. Meh…not a huge fan of Valentines. Last year we stayed in & grilled steak. This year my brother is visiting and the hubby is smoking his famous bbq ribs….yum-o! Just any other Saturday :)

  4. hi tnx for dropping by my site!

    ive been with the bf for 5+ years and we’ve never celebrated valentine’s day! hihi… i mean, why wait for Vday when you can have a nice, romantic dinner anyday of the year? ^^

  5. Yeah, I completely agree with you. There shouldn’t really be a day devoted to something that SHOULD be “celebrated” more than once a year.

    I don’t need a day to remind me how much I love my boyfriend. (If I had one hah).

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