Investing in a purse

I’m totally going to take Pam up on her offer and use her American shipping address to buy something so I don’t get dinged with duties. I’m actually looking to invest in a purse sometime in the near future. I’ve been eying everything from expensive like Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs, to not so expensive like Banana Republic online. It’s just so hard to see purses that are $200+ (and the one’s I’m showing below are quadruple that), love them but can’t exactly justify the price.

At the same time, I want to invest in a purse that I won’t get sick of. Usually my purses cost between $30-$120, and I use them for about two years and I get bored of them. I’m trying SO hard not to spend. Not yet! I want to save as much money as I can so I can shop when I fly to San Diego at the end of the summer.

So I’ll window shop. For now. Here are some of my favorites. Swooon.

I posted a few years ago my favorite purse EVAR. Prada something or other. Not available anymore in stores.

Prada Cervi Antik (source)

Jimmy Choo: Ringo Grainy Nappa Bucket Bag

Marc Jacobs: Classic Q Hillier Hobo (Wish this came in brown, but I love the smoke)

Another variation of Marc Jacobs: Preppy Leather Hillier Hobo

Reed Krakoff: Nappa Pebbled Leather Hobo (Maybe a little too simple for nearly a GRAND!) Omg love this though. In BROWN.

Chloé: Janet Small Satchel with crossbody (Ok I kid. These prices are getting a little ridiculous. But isn’t the knots on the handle super cute?)

For travel…

Burberry: Nylon tote (I’d only use this for airplane rides, it’s such a huge bag!)

Tory Burch: Nylon Dopp Kit (I want this to be my travel makeup bag!)

Marc Jacobs: Nylon Cosmetic Bag

I’m also looking at wallets. My blue one shown below is getting a bit tattered and one of the zipper broke. I purchased it in 2009, so I suppose that’s a given. I keep all my cards and little cash in one zipper, so it’s annoying to flip through all the cards, all the time.

Have you ever dropped a few hundred dollars on an article of clothing, shoes or accessories? If you haven’t — would you? Why or why not?

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  1. Most Expensive purse was a diaper bag from holly Aiken, gorgeous purses, you should check her out!
    Most expensive item was Boots from john fluevog, at 425 followed by fluevog shoes, all gifts to me for special occasions!

    Nancy says: I accidentally found some cute diaper bags when I was purse shopping on Saks, and Bloomingdales.

  2. Nice bags :)

    Haha, I have a small coach bag/wallet where, like you, I keep my cards and cash. And yeaaah, it gets annoying to flip through the cards! I’m thinking about getting an actual wallet once I come back in Sept (no need of having a wallet in Europe….it would def get stolen, lol).

    As for your question… the most expensive purse I bought was around $220 (and it was on sale…ugh). I used it for like, 2 months :X Other than that, I have dished out $250 for a Juicy Track Suit in like 2005 (what the hell was I thinking? They’re not even cute…although, they ARE comfy).

    Maybe wait until Christmas or your birthday or something?

    Nancy says: My birthday JUST past, and Christmas I’m always broke. I need one nowwww.

  3. I’m going to Vegas in 3 weeks (can’t wait) and have saved up money to buy myself a little treat. Well not little, not sure exactly yet, probably a nice purse though.

    The most I’ve ever dished out for a purse was $450 for a helen welsh purse about 4 years ago. I still have it and it looks as new as the day I bought it. It’s my go to bag for travel. I found it on ebay tonight pre-owned for $75 us. Check it out-

    Nancy says: Vegas!! Jealous. Have fun!

  4. I have a brown leather Michael Kors purse that I love. It was ridiculousy expensive but I have used almost everyday for 2 years now and it still looks great! I figure it was worth the investment. Besides if I hadn’t gotten it I would have probably spent that much any way on multiple cheap ones. You know?

    Nancy says: You just made so much sense to me. Exactly! Spending that much on multiple cheap ones!

  5. I’ve dropped hundreds on a coat. I’ve definitely dropped a couple hundred on a pair of shoes. I get bored too easily with bags. If I did invest, it would be a classic (logo-free) leather.

  6. I dropped close to $200 on my purse, granted it doubles as a camera bag, but sometimes you just have to spend the money if you know the quality is good.

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