Eliminating stress via shopping!

Last week and half of this week has been utter chaos at work. So, I went on a bit of a shopping extravaganza on Monday night, after a tough day at work. Everything I did, went wrong. Everything I sent to anywhere, got phone calls back. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. First of all, I woke up to the door wide open the whole night, so again  I had to be the bad guy,  e–mailed all of my room mates + landlord, saying that this was the second time this happened, please have some consideration for others who also live in the house, with expensive things. The neighborhood I live in, doesn’t exactly have a high crime rate. But that doesn’t give everyone free will to keep doors open AND unlocked all night long. That really pisses me off. I don’t want to be a mother–figure here. But obviously nobody gives two craps. Not even the landlord who owns the beautiful house! Jeesh! I bet they’d all care if it got broken into, and vandalized! I got splashed on the way to work, by vehicles on the road, since we’re having a warm spell this week. I slipped and fell on the ice, walking to the bus stop after work, since it was colder around 5 o’clock.

Then. At work. I was working on a poster for a new loan we’re coming out with at the end of the month, and when I was closing out InDesign, I thought I was editing the loan application design, and not the poster. So when it asked me to save, I said no. Until I realized it was the poster I was editing, and not the app. AWESOME! Oh, another fail of the day: I was helping my boss at the end of the day, get some freebie packages together for a seminar, so I was in the middle of grabbing some pens from the cupboard. Usually they’re bundled up in elastic bands (which they still were) but when I grabbed them. The elastic broke, and an ocean of pens surrounded our feet. I smacked my head with disbelief, and my boss just told me to go home (in a nice way, obviously) hahah. I decided that I needed some retail therapy after my stressful day.

What better way to end a terrible day than to shop with a GIFT CARD. Oh yes. I still hadn’t spent the generous gift card my boss gave me for Christmas! Yay new work clothes! I’m wearing the first outfit you see, on the left. Pretty schnazz–a–riffic, don’tcha think?

Click to enlarge. (Yay my hair is getting long — see 4th pic)

Black Pants: Mexx
Yellow Belt: Mexx
White Belt: Jacob
Grey/Brown Pants: Smart Set

So anyway its hump–day and we’re almost to the weekend. So have yourselves a great day, whether it be at home, or at work. I’m off!

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