Wide awake on a Mooooondayyy

My first full day where I feel 100% back to normal! I woke up at 5:47AM to head to the gym and do a boot camp class. Got home and showered while I heard the puppy yawn and cry for me – you know that adorable yawn where they let out little screams at the end? lol. Ok not really scream but a whine. Anyway, he wanted to be TOTALLY babied this morning and just be carried around — which was annoying and difficult as I had to feed myself, get dressed AND clean up pee that I found in the KITCHEN! BAD!!!

latteSo I stopped by Starbucks and got a Hazelnut Latte for myself. I’m going to be wired! I LOVE it. They didn’t have any of those fancy green stoppers and I needed something because with my erratic driving it’d be splashing everywhere. HEE HEE they gave me a sticker! Peru Chanchamayo it says on it. Fancy stuff.

I rarely have caffeine. Okay, like I drink pop all the time (well not ALL the time) but coffee? Never. It makes me hyper, like I feel like I’m acting as if I was if I were drunk. Very chatty, very friendly. Coffee does weird things to the body.

Love my nail polish? It’s peachy colored from ELF (I think it’s called Coral). I bought it ages ago and forgot I had it. Nice and springy and only a dollah!.

Have a graaaaand ol’ day all — and if you really want to have a new workout top hurry up as my ebay auction ends TODAY! 5 hours left!

I think I’m going to do the No Buy Month in April. I dreamed about it last night.

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