“Hit me with your best shot!”

So I’ve been taking everyone’s photos at work, for a little project my boss has me doing (this is what I thought of taking everyone’s photos. Not a fun job!). I didn’t want anyone taking photos of ME since I don’t like posing for other people but my self–timer. So I took some shots. The first set is me, au natural. The second set I feel like I’m trying too hard with makeup and scraggly hair. It looks so gross. But for the meantime, the first photo in the second set is what i have picked for my staff photo.

(Click to enlarge, by the way)

I personally like the far right, on the first set. What do you liiiiiiiiiiiike? Help a girl out yo!

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  1. i like the far left in the second :) i like the scarf and your hair in that one :) but you are pretty in every one of them :) and i think it is amazing how your smile looks the same in every one :) when i smile for pictures like these i always look stupid and my smile change in every picture lol

  2. Please, let a man give advice, we always tend to be far more objetives than girls,….the one with the scarf although you look older due to the make up (Sorryyyyy……).

  3. No problem Pedro. I thought the exact same thing. I just don’t know how to apply it nicely haha.

    Anyway. I think I’m going to go with one in the first set. My hair doesn’t look as matted. hhaha

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