Happy Birthday to me?

So, it’s Sunday and I’m literally bored to tears. I’ve watched too much TV yesterday (TLC’s What Not To Wear = love) and Sunday’s are supposed to be laid back and lazy. I’ve been doing some thinking and, my birthday isn’t for a few months yet, but I like making wish–lists. ‘Cause I mean … my parents annnnd boyfriend read this site from time to time. Sooo: hint hint. Carry on.

  1. Before I ever had a CD player, I bought CDs in hope that I’d get a CD player for Christmas or even as a birthday present. Eventually I got one.
  2. I also would like a flickr pro account, but unfortunately for miss cheap arse, I don’t want to fork over the $24 a year for it. Eventually I’d like to do a flickr 365 (take 1 photo daily, for 1 year).
  3. Gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores are always a hit with me. Everyone loves food.
  4. New shin pads for soccer. I don’t really need them, but they’ve been around since 1994 and they look disgusting.
  5. A circle pendant. While Boyfriend was in NYC with his parents, he picked me up one. But it broke. I wanna new one :)

Perhaps I will add more to this list, later. That’s pretty much my top priority picks right there.

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  1. I find Sunday’s to be the worst day for Tv ever!! So you aren’t missing much!

    Great wishlist… Hopefully they will see this and get to shopping :D

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