So much Saturday news!

I will be missing another soccer game tomorrow as we’re waking up and an ungodly hour tomorrow morning and driving up north for the Boyf to compete in a half ironman. Let’s hope our puppy will be on his best behavior and not frighten anyone. My running buddy described Alfie as “ferocious” — completely true.

Speaking of Soccer, I looked up the scoring results for the whole Women’s Conference and I’m tied for second place on being the top scorer! How sweet is that? I totally had to tell someone.

While I sit here and type away while my laundry is doing 4 loads down in the apartment’s basement and one left to be put in — I noticed that people really don’t know how to work the washers in our complex. I ended up getting a free load of laundry because there was a sticky note on one of the washers that said “doesn’t work”. I put my clothes in, and got a free wash. The other washer said it doesn’t rinse properly. I’ve had that happen to me before, but it was because I only put in Alfie’s bed cover and it was uneven and didn’t rinse correctly. Yay for ignoring the notes!

Yesterday was so wonderful. I had my mind set out that I was going for a run immediately after I got home from work. My heart was pounding and my stomach was turning. I never went on a run alone before — and my iPod’s battery was dead. I decided to just go for it anyway and conquer 4.41kms in 24:47!! This is the watch I bought off Ebay and blogged about earlier.

The watch says 25:32, because I walked for the first 45 seconds ;)

I talked about my 10 and 1’s before, and I did that yesterday. The first 1 minute walk was fine, and then I started to run again. 2 or 3 minutes in, is when I start to panic and my breathing goes to complete crap, and I can’t seem to “calm” my breathing down sometimes. So, I decided to walk again! I wasn’t really angry with myself this time, but I only needed another minute or so and I was off on my run again. Started slow, and finished fast. I ended up jogging fast (not sprinting, because I was done), and nearly collapsed (okay not really) when I reached the fence of the apartment building.

I felt SO good.

Even with my veins popping out of my head.

Time to refuel with water (x3)

Then I had to prepare supper for the both of us but have it ready for 9PM when the boyf got back from his endur-ride on his road bike. Superstar.

It was as good as it looked.

Lululemon was adding Loot to their sale section on their website the whole night last night. I ended up scoring some more Run: Zoom crops (the ones I’m wearing in the photo above) for 50% off! They’re still avail, but going quickly. I have decided I like the Zoom’s better than my Run: Empower crops for running, primarily because Zoom’s have a tiny pocket in the back for keys, and the Zoom’s aren’t as compressioney on my stomach.

Anyway, this entry is long enough – even though I have much more to babble on about, I’m sure that’s enough reading for one day! :)

Will be back tomorrow with a race re-cap of the Half Ironman (if I get around to it that night) and don’t forget to enter my DownEast Basics (clothing) giveaway. It ends on July 5!

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  1. Yay for you! The dinner looks yummy. I meant to tell you….about your “10 and 1” method. I tried it recently (sort of)….and by sort of I mean I did an 8 and 2. I know from experience that one minute is not enough to get my breathing back under control so I tried the 8 and 2. It sucked, but I was able to manage! Thanks for the tip :)

    Nancy says: Oh gosh, I didnt’ mean I started out with 10 and 1’s. It took me about two and a half months to build that up. At first we were running 4 minutes on 1 minute off, stuff like that. Sometimes we even did 2 and 2’s!

  2. I did mean “Fur”rocious is a really cute way! He is like a little furry lion! Loves him!

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