I think it’s safe to say that I like posting “Outfit of the Work Week” rather than an outfit every single day of the week and bombard my RSS feed readers with one each day. So, this is my outfit of the work week that just passed. I recently went to Mexx’s 50% off everything, including new arrivals and bought three items: the Monday skirt, the Tuesday top and last week’s scarf which I wore last Friday. I love it when Mexx has crazy sales like this. I think Mexx makes great quality clothing and well, one can afford it when they have huge sales like this. I can fit into their tops, and bottoms at Mexx — not like Banana Republic where I have to refuse to even try on a pair of pants there. They never fit, and they’re always too big and too tight in all the weirdest places.

(Click to enlarge and read the descriptions)

Clearly I’m trying to use different poses like (MY NEW FAVORITE OOTD READ!!) J’s Everyday Fashion and failing miserably (Thursday and Friday lolol!!!)

Have a good one all!

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  1. Tuesday is my favorite! Although you are adorable in all of them!

    Nancy says: The things we do for fashion. I could barely take a deep breath in that Tuesday’s purple top – it’s too small, but it was 50% off and SO beautiful. Last size. hahaha

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