I was too lazy to take a photo of my outfit on Monday this work week but pretend that you saw me wearing something other than shorts. Which is entirely true, I wore leggings with a long cardigan to work then.

So here’s Tuesday til Friday. I went shopping at lunch yesterday which is why there are two photos of me on Friday. Had to sport the new scarf :) Post soon about my purchases maybe?

On Friday I had a bunch of accessories on  and even wore a necklace (rare)! Check out the key necklace that I bought from Etsy. Want one?

Work week clothing was very monochromatic this week. Very boring browns and whites, and unintentional. I liked my outfit a lot on Friday! Next week will be colorful.

Find out what I wore on Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday: BR Cardigan, Abercrombie tank, Mexx capris, Aldo flats, White Fossil Stella watch. | Friday: Old navy top, Mexx scarf, Mexx belt, GAP pants, BR purse, cheapy sunnies, Black Fossil Stella watch, and some brown’s flats.

Also had to attach my Banana Republic clutch that I carried on Friday. Beauty right? That’s for you running buddy!

Have a good morning!! I think I’ll take a nap later.

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  1. OMG I LOVE your BR purse…so I went back and forth over a BR purse last week…but this week I am over it! It was a short love affair…ended nicely-only got through it because of you! Thanks for the emergency talk down at the mall!

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