Quick and painless cleaning tips (#1)

After a while of collecting some useful tips and tricks on how to clean certain areas of your house, I have collaborated a few of my own that I have gathered off the interwebs.Sorry I don’t remember where I read everything and apologize that I haven’t credited the authors.

Vinegar seems to do most of the trick, so buy in bulk!


  • Use a vinegar soaked rag to remove hard water stains from your shower head, faucets and even stainless steel appliances.
  • Use a damp dryer sheet to remove soap scum from shower doors and walls. Not only does it remove this unsightly film, but it leaves the room smelling clean and fresh.
  • Use Borax for removing hard water stains. Just sprinkle some onto the offending area, let sit for a few minutes, and wipe with a damp sponge.

Isn’t our shower nice? So spa-like. We just go the tiles re-done, after a really long sink + bath tub faucet leak. Pretty.


  • Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets in and let them fizz for a while.
  • Pour two cups of vinegar into the bowl and letting it sit for an hour, scrubbing should be minimal. If you have hard water stains from the sides of the bowl, try filling the bowl with vinegar and leaving it to sit over night.


  • Pour one part baking soda followed by one part vinegar down the drain, let stand for one minute, then rinse to clean out the pipes.


  • Add one part vinegar and one part water to a spray bottle and spray down mold or mildew, then just scrub it away with a textured sponge or rag and rinse it clean.

Always keep your old toothbrushes on hand, they’re perfect for getting in the little crevices behind the faucets and in the corners of the floor, where the dirt can hide!

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  1. My Grandmother swears by vinegar, so I of course do as well. One of my favourite things to use it for is cleaning windows and mirrors. Mix some in a spray bottle with water; streak free shine.

    Nancy says: Thanks for that tip!

  2. I’m moving out of my apartment right now and into my first house (!!) so there is losts of cleaning to be done. Unfortunately, I just bought a ton of commercial cleaning products. Next time I will keep it cheap and simple and just buy a jug of vinegar. Thanks!

  3. Okay I HATE cleaning but this was an awesome post filled with really valuable information. I am defintiely bookmarking this post! Thanks!!! :)

    Nancy says: You’re welcome. I tried the vinegar trick to shine up the bathroom faucets and it worked like a charm. I also tried the bounce dryer sheets on the ‘soap scum’ on our new tiled bathroom but it left a (nice) smelly film on the walls. I think I’d have to wash it down with a damn cloth after. It was weird.

  4. Here’s another tip for the super thrifty shopper – next time you’re in McD’s ordering to-go, make a pit stop by the condiments section and scoop up a handful of vinegar. My mom loves me for this.

  5. Vinegar is a great cleaner. But that’s all my roommate a few years ago cleaned with. And she cleaned everything all at once. So every once in a while, our apartment smelled wretched… yet clean. I sometimes had a hard time deciding if I preferred the dirt or the smell?

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