A regal Canada Day

After a very long, 8 day break from running I almost contemplated skipping yesterday’s morning run with my running buddy and our new running friend too!! But I knew if I didn’t get my butt out of bed that day, it would be much tougher to get back into it after skipping even a few more days. We ended up running a not-so-fast paced (probably because of me) 4.5/5k on a trail while I was dying at the pace they were running at. I was reminding myself running is 90% mental and that I could push through it. Some days are just so efin’ hard to convince yourself otherwise, isn’t it?

After the sweaty run, I noticed the boyf was still asleep so I decided to take Alfie on a nice morning walk — I ended up walking a different route just going on the main road and instead of walking in a loop I decided to walk just further down this one street. Turning back to come home I tried to see if Alfie would be capable of running along side me as I say “Good boy, good heel” — and while he was decent 80% of the time, some of the times he ran under my feet and I may or may not have kicked him a few times accidentally. It was hard on my left arm keeping his leash out along side of me and repeating myself, “good heel, good boy”. Running along side of me also quietened him down from barking and being anti-social with people, which was good. We ran past Starbucks and of course people were outside … he definitely wanted to stop to bark so I had to say “c’munnnn c’mun pup, let’s go” in a peppy voice. That got him back into the groooooove. Once we got home I google mapped it and we ran for about 1.5kms. Way to go pup!

That definitely required a nice long warm shower. Two runs!!

Showered, then I vacuumed and dusted my already “immaculate mazda” (a nick name that my team mate gave my car) out, and the Boyf primed some of my stone chips on the hood of my car for painting. Exciting stuff.

The boyfriend then was deciding whether or not to go on a long road bike ride, or on a run. He decided on the later, and we went to the (boring) track, where he took Alfie occasionally on a loop or two.

It’s funny, because Alfie was completely fine with me on the run — but whenever he leaves my side (if the boyf walks him and I’m walking ahead for instance) he really doesn’t want to leave my side and wants to be near me. So the boyf was dragging him for half the loop and when he came around the other side, he couldn’t keep up with him (because the pup wanted to run to me).

See? Drag.

Then when Alfie was with me, he didn’t want to be! Figures. “Where’s Scott!!!??”

Mid-“ruff” (not full on bark)

So regal and definitely my new favorite photo of him.

Of course some times he co-operated when I said “Walk” and “treat” a few times. I think he hates the camera.

Wanna TREAT?

After the run we ate some Dairy Queen ice cream for supper but it was way too cold and I was shivering while eating it. Then immediately headed off to see the beautiful heart-pounding-booms of the fireworks. Happy 143rd Birthday CANADA.

Have a good Friday! Maybe I’ll post my Outfit of the Work Week later on today. Stay tuned!!

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