Running machine: July


Re-cap of 2010 fitness here.

July 1. Thursday Ran 5k + 1½k run with Alfie
July 2. Friday Ran 4.41k in 24:47! (First run by myself)
July 5. Monday — Ran 4.41k in 25:30
July 8. Thursday — 1hr Spin, Ran 1 mile, then ran (again) outside for 5k!
July 10. Saturday Walked 6k with Alfie, then ran 6k

July 11. Sunday
— Played soccer
July 12. Monday Ran 5k with my running buddy
July 13. Tuesday Ran 7k on trails
July 16. Friday — Co-ed Soccer
July 18. Sunday — Played soccer and hurt my leg

July 27. Tuesday — Got back on the trails and ran for 2.5k then QUIT. I ended up leaving the forest and finding my way back to the car which probably ended up in a 7k run regardless.
July 29. Thursday Ran a slow (38 minute) 6.5k with the running group. Definitely what I needed to get me back into it.
July 30. Friday Ran 6k in 35:49 with the boyf.

Okay, so all I did was basically run all July. I stopped for a good bit to let my leg rest. But other than that, I think I’m doing pretty well!

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