First trail run

First off I want to mention that I love my new friends.They’re there when you have a bad day, take you out for a bit of shopping, chit chatting and all around make me feel SO good. I heart you T!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so since last night, I wanted to talk about my first trail run ever! How exciting huh? Last week when I went to run with my regular running group one of the women I run with told me about another group that does trail runs on Tuesday’s. Well I went to the parking lot meet up and chatted with my running partner. The group was massive, and literally about 40-45 people were in attendance. I didn’t introduce myself immediately, because everyone else was in their own little 5-people circles, chatting to all their regular running buddies.

I was told that they run all year round and they always split up into a 5k, 7k, and 9k run. Most of the people ended up doing a 9k in the forest. Whereas when it was time to split ā€” nobody wanted to do the 5k. Scratch that, none of the people who KNEW THE WAY wanted to do the 5k….So, 7k it was. Longest run I have ever ran. Definitely the longest length of time as well. We were in the “bush” for 58 minutes. Mind you, we stopped every 7-9 minutes as there were tons of forks-in-the-road, and had to wait for the slower groups to catch up. Towards the end, I was hanging at the back of the pack and never did get much of a break when we hit a fork.

It was intense. My breathing was completely normal ā€” mainly because I didn’t know when we’d be done, so I couldn’t exactly panic at the sight of the finish line. Everything was up and down, zig and zaggy. Super fun and it seemed somewhat of a fast pace. Which I didn’t mind because the air in the forest was much easier to breathe than the heavy humidity.

Today? The lower part of my hip muscles/butt are a smidge sore. Nothing too too bad though.

I’ll definitely be going next week, and bringing Running buddy #1, and maybe #2 as well ā€” if he can make it! Hope you can D! :)

Hope you’re all having a good night, see you in the a.m. with a fashion post!

PS: Longer runs = new blisters? Is this normal? I posted it on twitter, and yes I wear socks when I run. But they’re only basic ones. Do I need to invest in some fancy socks? Anyone?

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  1. I love trail runs! Luckily I live close to a park so I can usually do a nice mix of road and trail running. I love the scenery and the lack of cars.

    What kind of socks do you usually wear? Try to get some seamless, moisture-wicking ones (not 100% cotton). I like Smart Wool ultra light running socks; I have 4 pairs. You might think scratchy when you think of wool, but they’re merino wool – soft, and machine-washable. My longest distance run is a half marathon, and I’ve never had any blisters.

    I know of people preemptively putting band-aids where they know they’re prone to blisters. I also know some people who put Vaseline on their feet before putting their socks on and that reduces the friction.

    Good luck!

    Nancy says: Thanks for the tips Amanda, I’m currently wearing 100% cotton basic socks – like champion, or a generic brand like that. I may have to get some different ones for sure.

  2. I only run on the trails around here, not the roads, but I don’t get any blisters (maybe I’m used to it?). My ankles always ache though, from the rough terrain!!

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