Cooped up

Last night I made it to the gym, even though I desperately wanted to go home. But I wanted to finish strong on going to the gym 4x/week in April. I didn’t feel tired after working out of course, so when I got home I stayed up and obviously ate ‘supper‘ (which I’m so not going to tell  you what I ate. hehe) and hung out with the pup.

I ended up going to bed at 9:00 with the poor puppy only being out of his cage for 3 hours last night. Mind you, he was up at 4 til 4:30 (A.M.) with us, and then again when I got back home from the drive to Toronto airport, and then again at lunch for a half hour. But I needed my sleep and I still felt guilty for keeping him cooped up in the crate. Needless to say, he was excited this morning. I should take another video of him and post it on here. I’ve never seen a dog act so happy before to see his cage. He literally bounces off four of his legs at the same time and flies high into the air when he sees his crate come out of our bedroom and into the living room for the day. He also loves his bed time. Crazyness huh? I guess it’s great to keep him on that sort of schedule where he goes to bed between 9 and 10 every night lol. When he knows it’s dark outside and I take the crate back from the living room to the bedroom he cries really loud and wags his tail and bounces. I pick him up and as soon as we turn the corner into the bedroom where he can spot his crate, he wants to jump out of my arms and he flies into his bed. Where he then whimpers and sulks for a good 10 minutes until he settles.

Is that not weird? lol At least keeping him on a schedule like that isn’t making me lose my hair and think about hair loss prevention!

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  1. I hope at some point we can get Chase to stay in a crate. The two times we attempted he barked, and whined so loud it woke Jayden up so we had to put him down in the kitchen loose with a baby gate up. That was no good either. He just barked, and whined so loudly that after 3 nights he came to sleep in our bed and thats where he sleeps. He wakes me up once a night to take him outside and I don’t mind but it gets annoying lol!

    I dont mind him being in our bed because my cat is usually in there too, which now its the both of them (GAH!) I just wish he’d go in the crate and stay there in our room during the night so he didnt wake me up,but chances are he would anyway by barking or whining when he had to go outside… I even take him out before bed which is usually between 11p-12a…. Alfie sounds like hes got a great schedule/routine going on!

    Nancy says: If you want to start him on a schedule DON’T WAIT. Get the crate and put his favorite toys and even treats in there. Make it a great place. Don’t lock him in there right away, keep the door open. Slowly close it to half way then locked. Make it a safe/happy place, then eventually you’ll be able to lock him in there and he’ll be content. If he’s not, just feed him treats and maybe he’ll stop the whining.

  2. I’m def going to try again. He just really hates it even with the door open! we tried exactly what you described above and still he whined and barked he woke poor Jayden up and scared the heck outta him. he had a blanket, his bone and 2 toys in there too and still hated it… hes sucha sucky baby though… I’m hoping to try it again because hes used to us now! hopefully we’ll have the luck you did!

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