Missing in action

I’m a really organized person when it comes to certain things. Mainly my clothing. However, I’m a bit bitter about the fact that certain things have been slowly going missing from my wardrobe.  I do laundry, I set a timer on the oven and before it even dings I go downstairs to catch it before it ends.

I’m not saying this has all gone missing from the laundry room because I clearly don’t remember when I had it last, nor do I remember mis-placing these items anywhere else. I have NO Idea where they are. I’m a bit anxious over it too, like I said I am quite organize with my clothes and they only have certain spots as to where they go in the bedroom! AGRGH

  • Pink/white Striped Hollister hoody. (See a photo here). It was my go-to hoody because it was the only zipup I had for ages. It was SO comfortable.
  • Abercrombie hoody (I haven’t seen this one in a LONG time — like a year or more. I never wore it outside of the house but I let my cousin borrow it in Newfoundland years [like 2003!] ago. Which was obviously returned. It used to be hanging in the closet, and now it’s not. View it here. Maybe I gave it away to good will lol. I doubt I would have though..wtf)
  • Jeans from Jacob (my favorite work pants that are kinda like jeans — view them here)
  • Towels! (wtf…how did I lose my towels. One of them had bleach stains too! The other one was a nice butter yellow color that I had, it was SO nice too. I only buy bath sheets which are larger than bath towels and two are missing. They’re expensive!)

How does this happen!? :(

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  1. Maybe you missplaced it on a trip?

    The last time i went on a travel, i somehow lost one of my favourite shorts and a jeans mini skirt.

  2. its the washer. lol it’s eating your clothes. hehe
    Or you’ve misplaced things.

    it sucks when it happens. My sister constantly loses things.

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