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Even though I was delayed getting out of Ontario, and missed Christmas morning with my parents, I still lucked out. I was supposed to depart on the 23rd, but didn’t arrive in Newfoundland until December 27th. Flights were canceled due to storms, all over the country so I wasn’t the only one stranded and missing Christmas. Luckily, I didn’t spend it alone, and my boyfriend was with me so it wasn’t completely depressing :P We had a little pizza for our Christmas day turkey replacement.

Since there was such an uproar of all the Christmas mishap at the airports, Westjet allowed passengers to change their flight, free of charge for a longer stay! I opted for that opportunity, seeing how I didn’t see my brother for a year, and my Father hadn’t seen him in over 3 years (whoa, I know). The original plan was for me to head back to Ontario on January 6th in the very early morning, while my Brother was scheduled to arrive on the 6th in the PM. That’s how it worked out, and we thought we’d never see one another for another year or so. Cause, I mean … it’s pretty darn expensive to fly from Ontario to Ireland! Right?

So my brother got in on time on the 6th, and I re–booked my flight to leave in the early morning of the 8th. My parents the entertainers were going to have a little family reuninion/get–together while all four of us were under the same roof for once. We decided for a quiet evening in with just the four of us and some of my Mom’s amazing roast chicken dinner. It was a good time. Now I have to get my arse in gear and think about supper. Not bad, I really like to cook. I just wish I was back at home in NL, relaxing and … ahem, having supper served to me lol! I need an in house chef.

Family Portrait:

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