It’s time to a-go-go to the AGO

For Christmas, Scott’s parents generously bought each of us a year membership to the Art Gallery of Ontario, and I cannot wait for the day that we go! Especially since a new gallery was designed by the amazing architect Frank Gehry.

We’ve both been dying to go view the place, especially since they over–hauled it. Now that we have a membership, we don’t necessarily need to book off a full day and spend x amount on a day pass, and feel obligated to spend however many hours it takes to go see it all. Instead we can come and go as we please! Whoppiee! The next year membership that I’d like to receive (from anyone, not just his parents lol) is tickets to each theatre showing at the Stratford Theater. So addicting, and always a spectacular performance. Scott and I saw Cesar & Cleopatra (with Christopher Plummer from The Sound Of Music) for half the ticket price, because it was on Halloween night, and the other time I received an e-mail in my inbox and it said something ridiculous like “Get your tickets for $10 each, for tomorrow night” (the tickets to anything playing at the Stratford Theater is easily $100+ per ticket!), and so we saw Romeo & Juliet for twenty bucks! Is that not amazing?

I’m getting all cultured, living in Ontario :)

Photo courtesy of Daily Dose of Imagery

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  1. My first year of university, I was so involved in school theatre, always going to plays, comedy shows, and local productions. Now I’m not really friends with anyone who would have any interest in going, I miss them.

  2. my boyfriend’s parents took us to the AGO last week. i’d never been actually, so it was a new experience for me.
    it was pretty crowded (although that’s to be expected, i’m sure) but other than that, it was really interesting. the picture you posted is a really cool room to see. i especially liked all the canadian artists – like lawren harris, as well as all of the group of seven stuff.

    very nice of his parents to buy you a membership! :)

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