Point form

Hi. I like lists. Today’s blog entry will be just that, as I am a bit incoherent and rather point form. Just for today.

  • I woke up cold this morning. I need a space heater.
  • I literally live right around the corner from my boyfriend. 0.3km thanks to Google maps!
  • We went to see the movie: The Spirit, in a little small time theater 5 mins from home. It was neat.
  • Tomorrow, we may see Slumdog Millionaire, at that little theatre. Yay! Date nights!
  • I tried breaking the ice with one of my house mates. Failed. Her name is quite similar to her dogs name (a doberman!). I got the two mixed up. She didn’t find it funny. lol
  • I hate cats. I hate that cats are attracted to me, AND MY BED.
  • Soccer on Sunday was interesting. New turf laid down on the indoor feild makes for slow–movement. At least I scored. However. We lost 6–1. Shutdownnnnn!
  • I really love Lindt chocolate balls.
  • Being un–organized at my new place gives me daily headaches. Weird.
  • I need to find my clothes. I can’t be wearing the same pants to work daily, lol.
  • Self Reminder: Pick up Banff Film Festival tickets (will write a blog entry about this amazing show, tomorrow).
  • E-mail BFF and find out when we can plan a girls night out in Toronto.
  • Save $5,000 for a car by July 1 (literally, this is going to be easy, if I just put my money in savings lol).
  • My awesome purchases from Abercrombie arrived at work yesterday! I’m wearing my striped tee (grey), today!
  • The MAC counter better hurry up and get my shade in soon.

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