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We arrived back to the homeland last night but of course a little drama has to occur for it to all be complete.

When we got off the plane in Toronto and took the shuttle to park’n’fly my Boyfriend noticed that the car’s battery was dead. Before our flight to BC, we drove to the airport and it was early morning so the parking lights were on and he just didnt’ notice. In the 5 years he has owned that vehicle, he has not once forgotten to turn off the lights in the car. It’s funny it would happen at the most inconvenient time too. Of course. 11 days with the parking lights on in the car and the battery was dead.

For an hour we sat there, thinking of people around Toronto that we could call. Obviously no one since we don’t have friends out that far away. But coincidentally enough after 60 minutes of waiting, a guy came walking towards his car/towards us and my Boyfriend asked him for a boost or if he had booster cables. He did. But what was awesome was that we noticed he was walking towards us more than towards the parking lot in any other direction (there’s hundreds of cars there, guys) and he parked directly in front of us. No pushing the car out of the parking lot to get a boost. We did it right then and there. Quick ride home and we were set!

So, shall I get to the exciting parts? I haven’t taken the photos off my camera yet so everybody will have to wait for those exciting photos. I did grab a few snaps off my flickr account here to post in this entry. So that’s all you get for now, heh heh.





Scott’s Ironman race was absolutely terrific. It went smoothly and he was expecting to finish under 12 hours but he wasn’t exactly pleased with his time of 12:20 ~ish.I sure was though! Waving my Newfoundland flag and meeting new people because I was wearing it like a sarong, and/or just waving it around in general. I even ran into an acquaintance of mine at the race. We used to climb at the same gym back home. Her boyfriend was doing the race too.

After the race:

We went parasailing — which was impressive in itself. We went sea-dooing the same day in Penticton in the same lake that you see in the photo above. We drove on top of mountains that over looked Washington (first photo). We drove to Banff,  and we climbed Mount Fairview in Lake Louise (that took 6 hours to go up and back! My ass was killing me). I saw the Rockies. It was a memorable vacation, and pretty much tops all the others, as far as I can say right now. The 11 day vacation was so indescribable. We’re not exactly planners, but each day was still filled with something to do, and 11 days we slept in 8 different hotels/motels. It was great to sleep in my own bed last night, with my favorite pillow.

Seems like we were gone for a lot longer than 11 days, but it’s still good to be back. Once I get home tonight, I will go through some of my many (estimating 700 photos lol), and I will post them on flickr/facebook/ and here. Yay! I have so much catching up to do on my google reader. I think adding every blog that I found somewhat interesting, to my google reader was a bad idea ;)

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