Usually after a vacation (I went to British Columbia and Alberta — reeeecap!) is over, people get the blues about going back to work and getting back into the same ol’ regime.

This time, is different.

We’re going to be jam-packed with super fun things the next few weeks. I mean, this weekend we’re heading up to Muskoka where the boyfriend is going to compete in a half ironman. Yes, can you believe it? Made of steel this guy is.

After that we’re going to a U2 concert in Toronto. I’m not exactly sure when it is, but holy pooballs am I ever stoked for that!! I think it’s time to set up the barricades and keep me from going crazy! That’s not true, I’ll be lady like and not skip lines — don’t you hate it when that happens though?

That probably won’t happen since they have crowd control at such a huge place in Toronto, and we’ll get seats and/or stand on the floor. The Boyf booked the tickets for us through his work, so I’m not 100% entirely sure what the deal is with the concert. But ignorance is bliss and I’ll just tag along and enjoy the show.

WOOOO u2!!! No stopping me now!

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