Back from Ireland!

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January 7 · 3:09P
I’m back from Ireland!! Weird not having computer access for 17 days. I’m a pro at the card game Crazy 8’s now, haha. It was a pretty fun trip, nice to see my Brother again, and soon to be step-nephews. The cars over there are like little go-karts, everyone was always squished into the two cars driving 3+hrs a day just to get places. Though, we weren’t too far from Dublin, we were just out in the sticks kinda. I have to upload some of my 665 photos that I took while I was over there. I’ll do it eventually.

Yesterday I registered for school, and they effed up. My teacher gave me a 1st year registration sheet and I told the schools register that, and they seemed to have it fixed, but.. I dunno, I gotta gut feeling it’s still screwed up. I found out where I’m going to be going on my work-term from January – April. It’s only Monday and Tuesdays, and W,T,F I go to school. It’s a non-paying work term which sucks to no end, but it’s experience, in fact- the place I’m going to is a pretty good place, so I’m told. I’ve never even heard of them. I was hoping to get a work term with M5 in town, especially since they have a building in Toronto, and maybe I could get my foot in the door there. I’m nervous about the work term. They don’t need me just yet, so I’m starting on the week of the 16th. Eep!

Getting my hair done FINALLY on Tuesday afternoon. I haven’t had anything done to it since I got that purple and pink put in back in July/August month!! All that’s left in my hair now is the peroxide bucko put in, and it looks good, so I might ask him to put more blonde foils in next week.

SCOTT SCOTT SCOTT my awesome boyfriend is in town for a few days. I’m gonna go pick him up shortly. I miss having him around soooo much, but I’m taking full advantage of him being here now. So, speaking of that – I gotta go clean up a bit, and pick him up :) xo peeps.

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