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I have been slowly but surly going through 850 photos that I took on my digital camera, and the 300 on my Boyfriends camera and uploading them one by one to facebook and flickr. If you just scroll down on this page you’ll see the public photos I have already added to flickr. I decided obviously not add them all online as that can get quite boring.

I didn’t do much shopping while I was away, I only purchased one souvenir; a red zip-up hoody that says Banff on it. The boyfriend on the other hand has purchased a lot of Ironman Finisher’s race gear / hoodies / t-shirts / socks etc.

Again, stay tuned!  I need to find the motivation to go through all the photos and pick out the interesting ones. Which is why I haven’t done that in this post. Laaayy-zee.

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