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There is this super funny 6 minute video I received in my e-mail today, of some guy at a comedy club, doing every dance imaginable starting off from the 50’s, up through until now. It’s all blended in together and – the guy is just hilarious. So watch that, when you get a chance.

Yesterday was my birthday – it was mostly boring until about supper time. I didn’t do much besides watch a bit of decorating shows on television. Then my friend Lori took me out to supper, and after we went to a movie. We saw Stick It, and … it wasn’t that great, though it made me want to get totally ripped at the gym. I like motivation like that. ha. After my friend dropped me home, it was about 9:30 at night. (We saw the early show.) I was all bored/disappointed again, because I only had a couple of phone calls from relatives, remembering my birthday (However, Scott and I talked on the phone, multiple times that day – and it definitely made me happier.) Trevor called! I hadn’t hung out with that dude since I got back from Ireland, or so it seemed. It was awesome hanging out with him again, and I think we’re going out to supper later on this week, just to do some catching up. Yussur.

So anyway, back on topic. I received an iPod Nano for my birthday. It’s a cute little gadget. I’m hoping I won’t be too clumsy with it, as I seem to drop all my expensive electronics, and they end up with little dents on the sides.

I think it’s time I feel my starving stomach right about now. I wonder what’s on the menu.. humm. I’m SUPER lazy at home, rather in Ontario- because my Mom cooks really good food. ehhhee

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