Dentists are good

Do I ever love going to the dentist. As a kid, I was always nervous, because I had this terrible dentist that wouldn’t numb my gums and yell at me for being such a wuss. But, since then that dentist retired and I now go to the same dentist at my Father. I had my 6month check-up today. I love free toothbrushes!!! Anyway, my dentist had to shave down some of the enamel on my teeth (because my teeth are effed up, and crowded as hell – I need braces!!) because whenever I ate my famous VECTOR cereal, it felt like I was crunching too hard, and it was really sore. So there. Hmm. I almost forgot – I ran out of dental floss last night. I gotta run upstairs and grab a bit from the cabinet.

I just made myself a late supper (big breakfast!) for myself, and after that I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, because it’s always messy and I hate mess but rarely do anything about it upstairs. Annnd, I cleaned the dogs bowls out.

I think I’m going to get my hair cut on Friday afternoon. I need one desperately and I haven’t went to the salon since January! Toooo long, fluffy and gross.

Last night I headed to the gym, after supper sometime. I gotta tell you, that new iPod nano that I received for my birthday, did wonders for my workout. While I was on the treadmill, I ran 1 mile pretty easily at 7mph, so I upped it to 8.5 (9.0 is the fastest I can go, forrrr about 30 seconds then I die haha). But I couldn’t keep it up for very long, so I slowed down to 7.5 and ran ANOTHER mile – sort of. I kinda took a break at 1.5miles, walked a bit, then ran again. But the new music I put on the iPod made me run so hard. I think I posted the link for these songs a while back. Savage I tell yah! I couldn’t go tonight, for other reasons — but hopefully tomorrow won’t be so hectic, and I’ll get my regular 4-5 day workout week in. yayayaya. Alright, I’m gonna go be productive now. New song for you all to download, it’s what I was running to last night – I love the beat. RUN!

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