Running alone

Last night I was a total loner, and went to the gym at about 8:30 at night. I always do a cardio warm-up at first. Two days ago I tried to used the interesting machine that everyone loves – the elliptical. Well holy eff. It didn’t seem like it was doing much, so I got off after 15mins and did my regular workout. On my cool down I went on the treadmill and tried to jog lightly, but the top of my BUTT hurt! What the heck! I’m pretty positive it was from the elliptical. Anyway, last night I went to warm up on the treadmill and run 1 mile, but it killed my lower back.. and I know it’s from that bloomin’ elliptical. So I’m not going on that ever again. I’m going to take two days off.

Today I’m just going to pretty much clean up the basement and maybe work on putting my portfolio together. I need to wash my bedsheets, vacuum the huge 2 rugs in here, wash my two bed side table mats, vacuum/mop the bathroom, and clean the bathroom in general. Yippie. Anyway, I’m off! Bye bye

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