High on coffee

Two updates. Two days. I had the first coffee of my life, today at work.

Worked a 12hr shift. 8am-8pm. Around noon I started to doze off because the floor I was working on, wasn’t busy at all. No phones ringing, just me sitting on my butt, staring at the walls. I decided to go to Timmy Ho’s and pick up a coffee for myself. I drank it all within 15 minutes. I pepped up for the rest of the evening. Got home, and now I’ve cleaned my whole basement. Washed down the bathroom walls, cleaned the toilet, sink, vaccumed and washed the bathroom floor. On my third load of laundry, and hit my main room. Vaccumed the whole area, dusted everything, and washed the floor. Even cleaned the dogs food and water bowl. I’m going to take a nice long shower now.

I got home 1 hour ago

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