Free pizzzzzaaaah

Good Golly Miss Molly. Just ate a slice of pizza from Sals and bought a can of drink. I paid $1 for the load of it! He said the pizza was old, and I just would have to pay for the can of Barq’s creme soda. YERMMAY! I was happy about that. I like it when the pizza has been sitting in the warmer for a while though. I don’t like the fresh stuff haha.

I just got back from climbing. I had to volunteer belay this man who is from Ontario. He’s just here for a visit, and wanted to climb this evening so I called Trev to ask what time he was off work, and I got suckered into belaying. It was alright though, not as bad as I expected. The guy was climbing the same level as I was at, so it was awesome. I haven’t climbed in 3 weeks I’d say, and even then I wasn’t regularly at it. I always stop climbing in the summer, and pick up something else, or just neglect it for the whole summer. It’s a nice break though, keeps me interested in going back at it, in the fall.

I need to start working out again. As soon as Joe left to go drive across Canada, I stopped working out all together. I like it when he spots me, because I’m not afraid to lift the weight anymore, when I know if I almost DIE, he’s there to grab it away. Also a good motivator. All the good work out buddies are gone. Johanna, Joe, and Stef. I went for a run this week with my cousin, but I was dead exhausted from my soccer game just 30 mins beforehand. See, I get motivated easily, it’s just doing it alone makes me not want to go out and do something about it. If I have someone to go with, and they’re not in the mood to go – I make ’em want to go. It’s not me who isn’t motivated, well it half is, I guess.. If I’m not going alone. It’s just not fun! Soccer will be over mid September, so I have to pick up working out and climbing again. Soccer just takes up time, 4 days a week, and then having my quads tired the other days I’m off. So, running is almost always out :( I gotta get back in shape man. The beginning of the soccer season I wasn’t tired on the field at all. Now I’m just taking my sweet time. Not good, when you’re playing mid field.

I’ve been off work now, for 4 days. This afternoon they called me and booked me in for a 12hr shift for tomorrow. Sawhweeet. I enjoy working actually. I haven’t gotten a booked in schedule for more than 1 week this summer. Kinda strange though, usually I’d be booked in for 2mths. Ah well more party time for me. I haven’t been partying at all this summer though. I think I went out drinking once since June. what is wrong with me? ;) haha.. later all.

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