Simple skincare for my toddler

When bebs was born, I was overwhelmed with the amount of e-mails coming through to me about sharing their skincare brands for me to try out on my son. I’ve heard some great things about some brands, so I accepted some of those in the past. But upon using some, I noticed my son had unfortunately inherited sensitive skin from me. Reacts to a lot of products! So, I’ve had to step back and go back to basics just like my own skincare. Keep it simplified and our skin is happier that way with less reactions to products. There’s only a handful of products that we use on him. I’ve yet to mix things up and try new products because I just don’t want his skin to get sore or irritated.

He’s pretty close to two and a half, and so for the last year I’ve been going back to simple basics for him when I put him in the bathtub for a soak. No more bubble bath and bubbles (it gave him a bit of a rash!), as much fun as it was. At least he has a ton of bath toys to keep him entertained while he’s in there. He could stay in the tub for an hour if we let him!

Here are the few simple skincare products I use for my toddler:

  • Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion (I use this on my legs too after shaving and showering since it’s super hydrating and my skin stays super moisturized)
  • Johnson & Johnson baby bar soap & baby shampoo (old school products, yes but those are what have been working thus far for bebs)

And that’s it.

What do you guys use on your babys skin? Do you have any other recommendations of what products I should try on him that is hypo-allergenic and good for soft toddler skin? I’d love to hear your input – please and many thanks!

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