My first client

Wow, it doesn’t seem like I haven’t updated for over a week! Yikes, I guess I’ve just been jam-packed incredibly busy! As a Graphic Design student, I finally have my first client, Thanks for my work term employers. It’s a pretty sweet job. I’ll be creating a new website for them. Ideas flying through my head, I’ve e-mailed the guy a couple of concepts to see which he likes best. Can’t wait until it turns out so I can show everyone, hee hee.

I bought another plane ticket to Ontario. I’ll be gone for over two weeks, after this semester ends, and right before my 6wk intersession begins. I honestly can’t wait to actually move up there when I’m finished my program.

My Mom and I went shopping for my cousin’s birthday, and as an early Easter present my Mom got a new belt for me too. My cousin was studying over in Rome for the past few months and she’s home now and it just so happens to be her birthday. So some night this week we’re going to head over and give her the present and have a little party.

To the guy who commented last in the previous entry, I work on both a Mac (os x) and a PC (windows xp). My own personal computer that I use is a PC. I borrow a little iMac from school, to bring along to my work term.. and we use both pc/mac at school. I prefer either or, really. Since January I’ve been using both operating systems pretty equally.

My 56pg magazine is coming along pretty well. I worked a lot on it this weekend, and yesterday. I would like to have it complete by March 31, but I’m not sure how likely that is yet.

I have so much news, holy cow! So, there’s a climbing competition on Sunday – I’ve signed up for it already, super excited about it. I went bouldering at the gym last night and got to the top of the V5 that I’ve only been working for two nights. It’s a two hand crimper match at the top of the route. In order to do that, my left foot is on a crimp, my right foot is on a heel hook, and I’m bringing my left hand – which was on a crimp/pincher and matching to another crimper. AHH! So exciting. A V5 is pretty hard for me! I rarely get V3’s man!

Hmm, what else what else. I’ve been forwarding my resume off to employers in Ontario. So keep your eyes peeled my friends, I’ll be an unemployed Graphic Designer in June, and on the lookout for some job prospects. YAY YAY!

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