Checked over by a physician

When I go to a fitness class whether it be cardio or strength I tend to yawn when I need to get a really deep breath in.

Take that to outside where I started running five months ago. I could never get my breathing under control enough to finish a run strong. I always dwindled off at the end of runs. Since I have now worked up to my 10 minutes of running, then 1 minute of walking/recovery time I am noticing that I am almost panicking to get a breath of air. I always tried to be quiet, but towards the end of each run I got louder with my breathing.

I thought it could be just a mental thing, because I was not used to running any distance except for a sprint here and there at soccer. But just to be safe I went to get it checked out by my new family doctor this morning, who just happens to be my soccer team mate. Since she knows what I’m like on the field (“fit”), she also assumed it was just a psychological thing, that I had myself psyched out on runs. I mean it gets embarrassing as other people tend to notice and ask if I’m alright!

I had some blood work done to check my iron and B12 as I mentioned to her that I was once low a few years ago and stopped taking my iron/B12 pills. I am also booked to have a pulmonary function test done on me as my Doctor said “to get some peace of mind” so really she thinks it’s nothing.

My boyf said “If it’s mental, you should be able to force yourself to breathe. Asthma causes your airways to constrict so you literally cannot suck air in.” I need to definitely practice controlling my breathing, but it’s incredibly difficult to do so! I feel fine one minute, and the next minute my breathing sucks (no pun). No matter my pace whether I’m slow/fast.

Guess it’s something I really need to get serious about if I want to overcome this pain in the arse problem of mine. Now I’m debating whether or not to sit down on the comfy leather couch of ours, or get up and go on a trail run.

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  1. I used to have a REALLY hard time with this, and still, it doesn’t come easy. Something I’ve forced myself to do is really concentrate on breathing in the beginning. Deep breaths in through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Obviously the longer I run, the harder this becomes, but it’s like if I try to pay attention and control it in the beginning, I’m not huffing, puffing, and heaving nearly as quickly as I might be otherwise.

    I hate those people who get on the treadmill, run at like a 9, and barely seem to be using any breath. I kind of want to trip them. Oops did I just say that? hehe :)

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