Weekend cleaning spree

I went to bed at 9pm last night as I was blackberry messaging a friend, I felt bad because I fell asleep with the blackberry next to me, but then when I woke up – the last message received from her was “night!” Clearly we were both hitting the hay pretty early. I felt super exhausted all day yesterday and so at 9pm I finally decided I was done, and set my alarm for 6:30 the next morning (being today…) and I re-set it for 7:15! It was a fantastic super long, and much needed sleep.

The weekend was all about cleaning the entire apartment up and chucking bags of junk down the garbage chute. I should have taken before and after pictures, but I only took after’s.

I started off by going in a car wash for the first time in my life (by myself that is). It was pretty scary. Wouldn’t’ want a claustrophobic person going in one of those things. The loud banging noises of the water (I went in a “touch-less” car wash) had me freaked out! It smelled pretty gross, not really soapy but sort of like bubble gum and weird chemical all at the same time. Either way, my car is sparkly now.

This is when it started to smell like bubble gum, but not the pleasant kind. The kind that would poison your insides.

This is our movie room with the big awesome projector. The coffee table was piled high with papers and remotes and empty boxes. Now it’s replaced with a nice center piece that had Christmas bulbs in it, but I replaced it with some aqua colored rocks and a candle. Sooo much better. The coffee table called LACK in the color “black-brown” from Ikea. I really like it, and it was probably less than thirty bucks, but the darn thing scratches super easily! Very annoying, seeing as we rarely use this room and it has 2 scratches on the top. Maybe I can color it in with a sharpie. How ghetto would that look?

The desk where I blog from. I really dislike this desk, it’s cheap and flimsy but I’m keeping it for now. It does the job. I’d like to get rid of that stack of magazines on the left by the speakers the Boyf bought for me.

Going through old boxes on my desk, I came across a photo of me and a friend from March 2006. I thought I looked so completely different (and with SUPER long hair!!) but then I snapped a photo of myself and thankfully I don’t look all that different. Just older. Obvs?

Tried getting some  boxes to organize all the shoes and Alfie’s gear. It’s better than what it was, but I wish Winners had more of those wicker type baskets on the top shelf. I’d buy the whole store out. Then it’ll look presentable! :)

While I was at Walmart (on a Saturday night no less), I spotted the FANCY NANCY book that one person last week left a comment about how if I had nieces instead of nephews, I could have bought them that. I had no idea who/what Fancy Nancy was until I was browsing the book and magazine section. I had to snap a pic. It looked cute.

This is all I leave you with today, since I shouldn’t be on the computer as Alfie hasn’t seen me all day! Poor neglected dog.

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  1. he he he… I’m also a victim of falling asleep in the middle of texting… or I should say my fellow texter was? I woke up and my phone wasn’t on the night stand. So I freaked out and searched until I found it somewhere in my sheets… last thing sent was a question I accidently left unanswered- oops!

  2. I wish I had a movie room at home too!!!! That’s one of the reasons why I would like to live in a single house instead of my apartment. Ikea must have sold more than a million of those Lack tables despite they are made of cardboard, a friend of mine bought one for 5’99 euro!!!.

  3. Your cleaning/organizing looks good! That is always so rewarding. Love the picture of the two of us! :) Miss climbing with you missus!

  4. I’m jealous of your cleaning. I need to de-clutter real bad… and somehow summer is now almost over and I haven’t done half of the cleaning projects I intended to.

    Isn’t it weird when you see an old picture of yourself and realize that you don’t look like that anymore? Even if it’s only a few years old, and you don’t feel like you have changed!? I just turned 27 in July and it’s the first time in a while that my age sounds really old to me.

    Haha… I’m glad you found Fancy Nancy! I only learned about it while looking to pick up some kid’s books as a baby shower gift to my friend (named Nancy).

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