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Quick bloggy post!

The only pair of boots that I can wear for hours on end, and not have something dig in or cause pain are my Tahari boots that I picked up in October from Winners (I suppose, like a TKMaxx in the states?) I found them online here at PiperLime—another store in the United States. I’m not sure if they ship to Canada, but you can always try!

$79.99 um, yes please.

Wanna buy ’em?

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  1. These are cute boots, I remember when you posted about buying them for yourself! Piperlime is just an online store (no “brick & mortar” stores, owned by Gap). They have free shipping to the US; I think they ship to Canada, it’s just not free.

  2. ps,
    I have a pair of black suede Tahari boots that I love, but I haven’t been getting good use out of those and my other suede shoes with all the snow/ice/slush we’ve been having here in NJ lately!! I don’t want to get them dirty and salt-stained :(

    Nancy says: Oh, I will NOT wear those boots outside, ever. I wear my uggs into work and change when I get inside!

  3. You always post about getting stuff at Winners so one day after looking at your blog I googled “Winners” and read about it on Wikipedia. I was disappointed to learn it’s basically Canada’s TJMaxx…because I was thinking to myself, I gotta find one of these stores! haha

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