If you’re a reader of KDot’s Confessions of a Wannabe Fashionista’s site, than you’ll recognize my outfit for Monday. I was inspired I suppose you could say. But basically I copied her whole look since I loved this one that she created a few days ago.

[click to enlarge]

It’s Friday! Happy Birthday Ta, if you still read my site!

Have a good weekend everyone, and enjoy relaxing, or running errands. We’re taking Alfie to the vet tomorrow for his yearly check up.

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  1. Where is Wednesday?!!
    PS Those videos on my youtube weren’t meant to be seen by the general public for obvious reasons hahah.

    Nancy says: Wednesday I was sick. Oops, I thought I wrote that in there – guess not!

  2. Love them all!!! I love seeing the bold color.
    Are any of these the pants you had tailored?

    Nancy says: Yes! The first three were the one’s I brought in to get tailored :)

  3. Really liked all outfits. Loved the top from monday and the cardi from thursday.

    My favourite is friday. You always look fantastic with those boots and the pants are perfect (and look very comfortable). The red top make a nice combination with the black pants and the scarf adds the final touch of a perfect outfit.

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