How do you work this thing?

I had a “teaser” post up a few weeks ago mentioning that I’ll be reviewing something from CSN stores in the near future. Well that item has arrived, and I received a food processor.

This Cuisinart food processor is super tiny, and a perfect size for just the two of us.

However, what I didn’t realize is that it shreds chicken and peppers so quickly that you have to be very careful at how long you hold the button for. Whether it be 0.001 seconds, or 0.0005—I mean, it’s really that quick. Press once quickly and bam chicken is OBLITERATED.I think it’d be perfect for making salsa’s or bread crumbs, or what I did last weekend was put a full banana in, and it made it all creamy for my banana bread recipe. Genius idea, Nancy!

Before (about half a cooked chicken breast), during & after. Annihilated.

I know there’s only two buttons, but they basically do the same thing. I wish it had a slower feature, because I don’t like minced bell peppers, lol.

Love how quick it was to make my quesadillas. I’ve even done a step-by-step process on how I made them. But you can just easily view my recipe here.

Only the chicken and red pepper were put into the food processor, I cut the tomatoes by hand and added salsa on top.Mix it all together!

Get the flat breads ready. Fold them in half, and cut them up the middle. See?

Open them up, and fill them with the mixture. Yum yum.

Don’t forget to add the cheese before you close the tops down! Cheese is necessary.

Ready to bake in the oven to crisp up the outsides. You’ll notice that I laid down parchment paper on my baking sheet (makes for an easier clean up!) also a “cooling rack” with all my quesadillas on it. That’s because I find if I didn’t end up doing that, the bottoms of the quesadillas get a bit soggy.

About 35 minutes should do it, on 350ºF. This timer is such a life saver.

The magic of blogging, 35 minutes is up and voila— out of the oven.

All ready to eat!!

I know that was a bit of a lengthy post, but I thought I’d show you what I ended up making using my Cuisinart food processor given to me by CSN stores to review! Awesome, right?

The best part? It’s soo easy to clean. I’m not even kidding you guys. There are only three pieces to clean! Just have to be careful with the blade.

Thanks again, CSN stores for another great product.

I want to ask you guys, is there any sort of machine that can cut chicken, or bell peppers into bite sized pieces without mincing them? Silly me thought that the food processor would do that. But really it’s meant for grinding herbs, making dips like salsa and the like. Which I will use! I just want something that can chop stuff…

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  1. These things are great for smoothies as well. If it has a pulse button, you can chop larger pieces. Great gizmo though. Congrats

  2. Oh, so jealous of your food processor! I’m dying to get one!

    Those quesadillas look like perfect Superbowl party food!

  3. The Slap Chop for chopping peppers and onions?

    Nancy says: I’ve heard many people complain about the slap chop though…

  4. Pampered Chef sells something that you can control the chopping. It is called the Food Chopper. It is powered by you, but easy to do and a great way to get out frustration (if you have any) I own one and I love it for chopping up chicken, onions and much more! Check it out! I use to sell Pampered Chef products, still do sometimes and I love, love, love the products for baking and cooking.

    That is a pretty cool contraption that you have though and the Quesadillas look sooooo yummy!!!

    Nancy says: Oooo! Thanks lady! Someone around here neeeeeds to host a Pampered Chef party!

  5. I have the same chopper (it’s just white). I use it a lot for smoothies and for chopping onion and garlic. I love, love, love it!

  6. I have this exact processor! I just used it yesterday to chop all of my ingredients for my guacamole. But I totally agree- there is only one speed and it’s super fast! I’ve ended up mincing a few things that I just wanted slightly chopped .. but I still love it. Saves so much time- and like you said- it’s so easy to clean.

  7. We have that exact food processor! We asked for it on our wedding registry about 4 years ago. I love it, though the small size can be limiting (but I guess that’s why we have a blender and an immersion blender). It changed the way we made pesto! It took forever in the blender and about 2 seconds in this food processor. We’ve used it a lot for chopping nuts and making salsa too.

    Re: something that chops…have you seen infomercials for the “Slap Chop?” hehe.

    Nancy says: haha, slapchop – heard it wasn’t great. I”m thinking of making pesto with the cuisinart tonight!

  8. I’ve never seen anyone cut their tortillas in half *before* they were cooked as opposed to after.. is there a reason you do it this way? hm! I like to see people doing things differently than how I do them.. makes you think!

    Nancy says: It’s easier to pick up with your hands and eat it when it’s already in half. Plus, no cutting needed when it’s out of the oven. Grab’n’go! Yum.

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