My credit card is confused

Purchased: 4 duvets in 4 days.

Sweet merciful moses dung.

I’m sick of looking, or hearing about them and I’m sticking to my final and least expensive purchase. It all happened when I was at work flicking through the flyers that came with the daily newspaper. I happened to see that Sears was having a 40% off sale on their Pacific Coast duvets. When I find a brand name I like, like Pacific Coast for instance—I stick with it. I mean, the duvet I brought to Ontario with me was purchased in 2001 and still looks and feels wonderful.

You see, I wouldn’t have normally noticed this sale, except for the fact that the duvet we had on our bed for years was just too small. A twin sized duvet on a double sized bed. I’m a blanket stealer.

I popped into Sears last Wednesday after work and debated which fill, weight, and size to purchase. Finally, I decided to go with a Double/Queen in a lighter medium weight. I brought it back home all proud and compared it to the 10 year old twin sized duvet. The new one wasn’t as filled, puffy and probably not as warm. I don’t remember the fill or weight of the 10 year old one so I couldn’t exactly buy the same one. Disappointing, but I went back the next night and bought a heavier 600 fill duvet. That was Thursday. I decided that the Double/Queen was too small for our bed, and immediately regretted the 2nd duvet purchase, even if it was nice and warm and puffy.  I mean, eventually we’ll upgrade to a king when we purchase a house. So why end up buying a Double/Queen now, right? Plus, our bed is a huge double—it’s quite tall.King seems like the right thing to do. But what if it was too big and falling over onto the floor?

Whatever, the sale was still on. I returned the first duvet, during lunch on Friday. Friday evening I purchased a King sized in the same weight. It was wonderful, so glorious. and didn’t hit the floor! Probably because our bed is so tall. I wanted to keep it. The upcoming weekend would result in a stop to Ikea so I already had in my mind that we were definitely keeping it, and just getting a cover for it.

We headed out to Ikea, and bought the duvet cover. Down in the “Market Place” where you actually pick up the items you want, there was also a duvet section. OH OF COURSE THERE IS. We love duvets. Why not check out the duvets here at Ikea? NO. I didn’t want to. My boyfriend suggested it. “Pick your battles” is the advise I’ve always been given. I skipped this one. Suuuuure let’s take a gander at the duvets.

We bought one.

75% down, 25% feather, 600 fill at a third of the price. It’s on our bed. We’re keeping the damn thing.

It’s the #5 weight class which means it’s one of the warmest ones you can purchase at Ikea. I think it goes up to 6. I thought it’d be too warm and I kind of wanted to go back and get a 3, or at least a 1+3 (duvet warmth #1 that snaps to a duvet warmth of #3 that makes a duvet warm as #4). But I just don’t know anymore. Plus that one is pricier than the one we purchased at a third of the cost of the THREE Pacific Coasts.

I returned 2 of the duvets during lunch time at work yesterday. Oh my word, I think my credit card is confused.

At least our bed is so luxe looking and pretty. I’m kind of debating just picking up another duvet from Ikea in white. I love the tranquil, rich yet relaxing look of a white fluffy and pretty duvet. The grey duvet cover shown is made of cotton, and a 310 thread count (is that good?), but what I love about it is that it looks SILKY without being slippery and weird on the bed. It looks expensive. I’m happy with it. We’re keeping it, and I’m not buying another duvet for a really long time.

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