Things you may not know

I’m going a little off the beaten path today, with a post about things you may not know… about me!

I like pens. I’m very partial to my pen-stash as I can only print clean with a certain pen. I like a fine ball point that feels as if it’s almost wearing out of ink. I’ve written about my favorite pens a few years ago. But to give you a brief run down I couldn’t find them in stores anymore, so I e-mailed the company asking if they still made them. They don’t, or at least not in Canada. I went to Ebay and purchased a half dozen from Hong Kong. Sweet hey?

I’m not a morning person. Since 2012 started I’ve been waking up two hours before I need to be into work. Previous years I’ve been waking up maybe 30-45 minutes before I needed to be into work. I shower in the mornings, so yes I always felt quite rushed. I like to savor my mornings now, just relaxing on the couch reading on my iPad with Alfie as my sidekick bouncing off the walls in the mornings. Most days he’s pretty cuddling in the a.m. which is great.

I drink tea a few times per week, and only at work. I’m a huge fan of the orange pekoe flavor by Tetley Tea. Though, I am a tea drinker, I don’t venture out of that pekoe-stage. It has to be very very strong. It takes me about ten minutes to make a good cup. We even have one of those fancy hot water taps at work, but I dribble in the hot water as slowly as possible to let it steep while I’m pouring. Nothing worse than drinking a tiny bit of flavored hot water.

I’ve been blogging for over 12 years. I remember when the word “blog” came into existence and thought it was the silliest name. My archives to back to 2004 but I can’t recall what year I actually started blogging, I can only assume it was somewhere in between 1999-2001. When my first website was up and I wrote on it a few times per month, it was pretty much exactly what I blog about today.

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