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There are three bikinis in my “swim suit basket” which is stuffed with underwear and socks since I don’t wear swim suits all that often so they don’t even need their own drawer. I only have one bikini that I wear, because the other two just don’t fit me correctly. Why am I keeping them!?

I bought a brown bikini for €7 in Ireland in 2007 when I went to visit my Brother over Christmas. I had yet to find one that I love just as much. Most times it’s the bottoms that are the problem as they don’t cover a lot of my tush, and even the front gets alarmingly low. It’s a shame because there are so many cute swim suits out there, they just don’t look all that flattering on.

I’ve actually never worn a bikini until I bought my first one in ’07. I was often self conscious of my body and didn’t really like them. For all those ladies who  don’t wear bikinis and would like to perk up their one piece and tankinis, I found a great site for the modest gals who like to cover up but still look cute and fun. As I mentioned on twitter a while back I was browsing Lime Ricki‘s website which have quite modest swim suits for those that don’t want to wear a bikini all the time, like myself. Especially when “the pookies” (please don’t make me explain) get out of hand.

Forwarding on Lime Ricki’s site to a friend of mine, she replied back with her favorite choices of swim suits and told me that Lime Ricki is “Totally vintage kind of modest glam“. She totally got that right when she mentioned that they’re super cute and for ladies that refuse to wear bikinis would really LOVE these. So true!Lime Ricki sent me the Lucy tankini to review and I just love it. I almost want to wear the top out as regular summery top, it’s that pretty. Oh and heyyyyy the bottoms FIT! That’s what happens when three sisters get together and create a bunch of swim suits that you don’t have to tug at. You can just be comfortable.

(The bathroom lighting is a little yellow. But it’s just as vibrant as the photo above, promise!)

I think the product shots of the models wearing these tankini’s are just really well done. I have to say that I definitely feel fabulous even while covered up in this tankini. Notice the bottoms how they’re not insanely low on the body? They come up to a normal yet not-too-high rise. So happy about that.

The ladies at Lime Ricki have decided that they want to give one of my lucky readers a swim suit too! For those that don’t win, you can use a 10% off code so you too, don’t miss out on the goodness.

Gosh, you gals are so lucky. What better way to start the summer, with a brand new swim suit? Here’s how it’ll work.

Comment and tell me what you’d get if you won.

Simple as that! The contest is open to residents of the USA and Canada and I will close it in 3 days: June 11, 2010 9PM EST. Entries there after will be deleted.

The coupon code for 10% off is: spiffy10 Just enter it in the checkout!

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  1. love this give away! i think I’d have to say the Lizzie is my favorite as well! I’m a fan of the Lucy one but the colours wouldnt suit me!

  2. haha, it looks like we are all a fan of the Lizzie…it’s definitely my favourite as well!! These swimsuits are soooo cute!

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. Best give-a-way ever! I love this! That suit looks fabulous…cute, stylish and the bottoms totally rock! I checked out the website and I like the Bailey top…too cute!

  4. Awesome site.
    If I won, I would get the Lizzie Tankini.

    I might get it even if I don’t win. How’s the shipping costs to Canada?

    kara720 at

    Nancy says: Let me get back to you on that!

  5. I love the Lizzie too! This is so cute and what a fun giveaway!
    How do you get them to send you a sample and to do a giveaway?

  6. Love the website! I would get the Kassie because I think the neckline is flattering! Love the idea of vintage chic swimwear!

  7. I LOVE the Chloe tankini, but they do not have it in my size at the moment, my next favorite is the Tatum Tankini. It is hard to choose though because they are all nice styles and such vibrant colours! Love it! I also love that you can choose the bottom, either boy shorts, original bottoms (which do look like they are not to low or to high in places, they look perfect) and you can get skirts to match! :) Might have to take advantage of that 10% off…

  8. Wow, what an excellent site, these suits are truly original and would look good at any size. I had a hard time choosing just one, as I fell in love with a lot of their suits. But after carefully narrowing it down, I would have to choose the Elle Tankini (I love the vintage look of this suit) and I would have to go with Black Cinch Skirt with bottoms( have the J-Lo thing going on need the coverage LOL). But a close second was the Nicki Tankini and original bottoms in black (love the bees and the look of the longer tankini top). I hope you love your new suit as it was gorgeous on and good luck to me.

  9. I absolutely love Jennie… oddly enough its my name.
    My second pick would be Claire.. also very odd since its my mom’s name!!!!
    I am getting married this year and could definitely use a new swimsuit for my honeymoon. I look forward to seeing everyone elses picks. What a fun contest.

    How long will the coupon code be good til?

    Nancy says: The coupon will expire on July 31, 2010. I will post all the extra information on Friday’s post with the winner! Good luck :)

  10. Wow what a cute site! A nice alternative to some of the super skimpy ones. I love the Lizzie top, so cute!
    Good luck everyone :)

  11. Ohh those are nicee!!! If I won, I’d like either the Samantha or Sally One piece. They look really flattering! Awesome contest, and good luck everyone!

  12. I would get the Lizzie or Chloe tops and the boy shorts. Love these suits! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I love the one you got (Lucy)! I took a look at the other ones on the website, but the one you are wearing looks so flattering and SO cute!

  14. I love them all…but I am leaning towards the Jasmine Tankini Top! I just might have to buy one if I am not the lucky winner! Thanks for the website link!

  15. I would LOVE the Lizzie Tankini set, it is so vibrant, and I love it!! Thanks for the contest, this is the best !

  16. I am really sorry, I forgot to mention the style of the bottoms I would chose to go with the Lizzie tankini would be the yellow ORIGINAL bottoms.

  17. I totally love the Jasmine tankini Top and I’d get the Brown Cinch Skirt With Bottoms.
    I love how it looks like an actual tank top.

  18. Great giveaway :) I’d choose the Sadie top with the pink original bottoms, very cute. How do you find the support in the chest area? I need something for D cups.

    Nancy says: Oh dear, I’m nowhere close to a D cup, so I can’t exactly say that I know for sure. But it was snug in that area. But then again I don’t need much support as you can tell from the pictures!

  19. I love the Ava 1 piece. It’s really different from any bathing suit I’ve ever had, but I like it!

  20. Sweet contest! I would love the Tatum tankini with the boy shorts in chocolate…so cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. THese bathing suits are so cute! I like the Lucy one peice … hope I win! oops .. i meant to say the Samantha bathing suit .. ^

  22. Oooooh I love love love the Tatum Tankini Top!
    It matches my bottoms that I have, and being a bit on the `bustier`side it looks like it wouldn`t be too `loud` for my taste. A lot of gorgeous suits on that site!

  23. Oh…just saw your tweet that we could comment more than once. I am commenting again…these bathing suits look freaking awesome for the non-bikini lover!!

  24. Woohoo! Just in time for the summer. And I haven’t exercised much since having my daughter 2 years ago so these swimsuits are just what I’m looking for.

    If I won, I’d get Nicki Tankini top. That one shoulder style (ok not really one shoulder) is awesome.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  25. Oh, what nice tankinis and bathing suits and great prices! If I won, I’d LOVE the Elise Tankini Top and Pink Bottoms. Good luck to everyone!!! What a great contest!

  26. Hi Nancy, I just love Tankinis they are the best. If I won I’d love the Lizzie Tankini with the Boy Shorts in Black.

  27. Thanks for the fantastic contest! All the swimsuits are ADORABLE. If I won, i’d love the Tatum tankini top with the brown cinch skirt with built in bottoms. Thanks again! <3

  28. These are adorable swimsuits! All of them! Fun & flirty while keeping all the lady parts nicely covered! I love the Ellie Tankini because I think it’d be flattering on this top-heavy girl! Not only that but it’s so nice that I can see myself wanting to wear it away from the poolside too!

  29. It’s hard to pick just one! My favorite is Hallie…. The prices are totally reasonable, and the suits are great! I just spent 90 bucks on the ugliest bathing suit! LOL

  30. Heyy Thanks for making this a quick and painless entry no hoops of fire to jump though! :)

    I would get the Jasmine Tankini Top with the skirt bottoms in brown.

  31. Was just looking at the website again, and was looking at the Jill tankini with the matching polka dot bottoms. Love it! This is definitely on the wishlist.

  32. Mmm, lovely contest.

    I would love the Tatum Tankini Top with a Brown Cinch Skirt Bottoms. :)
    Haven’t seen swimsuits like these anywhere in Canada/US. Absolutely love them.

  33. I messed up my email address in my first entry with a typo, oopsie!

    I would still get the Samantha. Love it!

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