July Canadian Glossybox

Yep, July’s Glossybox. Better late than never! It arrived in early August, but I just had so much going on that I didn’t take the time to photograph the inside, or do a video on it until recently. July’s Glossybox finally arrived, and when it did come — I thought it was August’s. I completely forgotten that I hadn’t received last months. I know this is a little late going up but here it is, non the less.

Glossybox has the best packaging out of all of the subscription boxes I’ve ever gotten. The boxes are nice and heavy duty, I don’t throw these away.

  • A full sized Dove body wash
  • Peppermint foot lotion
  • Zoya nail polish
  • John Freida frizz-ease
  • Eucerin body cream
  • Beauty so clean sanitizing wipes

I was happy with every item I received, minus one product, which I’ll talk more about below the last image.

I’ve been experiencing eczema throughout the dry winters here in Ontario, so I was excited to see that they’ve sent a trial sized Eucerin body lotion in the box for July. I’ve been an avid fan of this particular product for about a year and a half. It soothes my dry, itchy skin in the winter and you can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart, and I’ve even seen it at Walmart. I’m sure it’s around everywhere.

Love that we have a full sized body wash from Dove. It’s just a regular body wash, nothing spectacular but of course it doesn’t have to be. It’s a nice wash, and probably very inexpensive. I’d buy this again!

The peppermint foot lotion had an interesting consistency. It came out like a light weight lotion, but took a while to rub in like it was a thicker cream. Very hydrating on the heels.

I have yet to try the John Freida frizz-ease as I don’t have frizzy hair. I may give this one away, along with the beauty so clean sanitizing wipes.

To be honest, I’m getting annoyed with the beauty subscription boxes not paying any attention to the beauty surveys we all fill out. Each month I have to fill out the survey out for Glossybox, because each month I have to unsubscribe, re-subscribe and fill out the survey if I want to “pay” for my box using the GlossyDots/points.

I always select that I want neutral colors, not bold, or a variation of neutral/bold colors. Only neutral. And I got this weird green polish by Zoya. I’ve always wanted to try out Zoya nail polishes, but I will never be putting a witch green color on my nails. It’s just not my taste, or style. Yuck. lol.

Do you subscribe to any monthly subscription boxes?

Sign up for GlossyBox: $15/month.

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  1. I got the exact same box. I seen some people get really pretty nail polish colours! And then were stuck with that green colour! I was very disappointed.

  2. I got the same ugly green nail polish as you. I tried it on my toes but took it off after a couple hours. The formula and application were great, just wish I would have gotten any other color. All the other colors were nice, especially Arizona (creamy lighter orange color) also I requested neutral colors in my profile as well. I also was disappointed in the tiny eucerin cream sample instead of the full sized burts bees lip shimmer. Maybe August box might be better? Hopefully…..

  3. Actually I guess I was lucky because I got a really pretty fushia colour. What I am upset about is that each month the value of the items goes down. My first box was valued at $87 (March) and the July one is valued at $28; that is a huge difference.

  4. Yeah its unfortunate that you got that green color and they don’t pay more attention to each persons individual needs.

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