Anastasia’s Lash Genius

Summer is coming up and nobody wants to have what I end up having towards the end of the day: residue under my eyes which ends up looking like I have tremendous looking dark circles after being out in the hot summer sun. Dark circles will never be attractive.

Anastasia lash genius.

I don’t use a water proof mascara on a daily basis even though I probably should with the amount of laughing I do in the run of a day. My mascara always comes off because I’m a cry-laugher. Yep, one of those.

Anastasia has come up with the perfect blended formula which isn’t a waterproof mascara in itself. It waterproofs your OWN mascara by applying this on top. Anastasia will be launching Lash Genius — it’s a clear topcoat for your eyelashes, which basically waterproofs the mascara you already own! Dual purpose. Keep your favorite mascara but also waterproof it when needed. Lash Genuis for sure.

Lash Genius keeps your lashes in place without the clumping, or even hardening of your lashes. I’m always afraid my lashes will break off when they harden like that with certain mascaras! Lash Genius is pretty weightless on those blinkers of yours. Is that a term people use for eyelashes? I kinda just made that up. I like it. Blinkers. Turn on those blinkers girls!

Anastasia lash genius with the top of the tube. Love their logo.

Lash Genius doesn’t make your lashes brittle, in fact it coats them and you’re left with soft lashes after putting this stuff on. Meaning they won’t break off or no losing precious lashes after you remove your mascara.

I’m not a false eyelashes wearer because I’m blessed with long lashes that hit my eyebrows , but you can use Lash Genius on your false eyelashes to hold them in place with your regular eyelashes.

It will retail for $21 once it hits Sephora stores in late May.Check out the promo video for it!

Anastasia’s Lash Genius was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. looks good, I’m on the hunt for a new mascara

    Nancy says: It’s actually a topcoat to go over your existing mascara to make it waterproof! :)

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