Drugstore Dupe: Marcelle vs Anastasia

I love to save money. It’s a game with me. I hate spending more than a penny (or nickle in our case seeing how we phased out the penny this year — that joke won’t ever get old with me!) than I have to. I often get teased regarding my coupons or how I’m so frugal. For instance, I won’t pay over $3.99 for toilet paper. I wait until I see a sale, bring my abundance of coupons and stock up. So much so, the cart is so overflowing with toilet paper, enough where I get questionable stares from shoppers. Is she stocking up for a hospital? Does she have digestion issues?

If I can save and have the cheaper product work out similar or better, then I scored big time.

Although I have long lashes that don’t require mascara, I get it. I get that you want your lashes to stand out, hold a curl and look lengthening and voluminous. I get it gorrrrl. Sorry. That was weird. But honestly, everyone has their all-time favorite mascara. Not everyone is going to go out and buy what someone recommends on a blog. But this is different you guys. It’s not a mascara, it’s a top coat. You don’t have to switch out your holy grail mascara for a completely new one. I know not everyone wants to wear a waterproof mascara every day. But if you plan on laughing so hard that you cry (me, every day), or plan on jumping into a pool at a pool party (me, this weekend) you can waterproof that fav mascara of yours with a clear waterproof topcoat. Then the next day, revert back to your regular mascara sans waterproof topcoat! Brilliant.

And friends, I found a drugstore dupe. Not everyone has a Sephora location they can pop into and spend $28 on the Anastasia Lash Genius (which I reviewed last year). closed-waterproof-mascaras

Bring it on Marcelle!

About Marcelle Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat
Retail price: $16.95
0.24oz / 9.5ml

Waterproof features:

  • Transparent water-resistance for mascara
  • Goes on easily over regular mascara (Yup)
  • Long lasting (No raccoon eyes!)
  • Leaves lashes feeling light and supple (Raises hand. I can vouch for that)
  • Tested under ophthalmological control (mouthful)
  • Paraben free
  • Hypo-allergenic and perfume free

I’ve been wearing the Marcelle sweat proof, tear proof, waterproof mascara for the last few weeks. I don’t remove my makeup when I go to CrossFit after work. Due to the fact I have little time in between getting home and changed and then driving to the box to get a workout in. So far it hasn’t caused any rebellious raccoon eyes. Nor has it been stubborn to remove at the end of the evening. I have so many favorite mascaras and I don’t want to buy the waterproof version of them because they’ll all just dry out before I have a chance to re-use them again. I mean, I could potentially wear them every day, since I do laugh a lot and I’m a crier when I laugh. So I could benefit from using a waterproof one every day. But I don’t. waterproof-top-coat

I realize I’ve talked about Marcelle products in the past in a YouTube video of mine, especially the mascara that acts like a “push-up bra”. It has a twistable wand where you can make the bristles give your lashes volume, or lengthening. I’ve been using it in replacement of my Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash (hey, sometimes you gotta switch things up a bit. Know what I’m sayin’?).

An American twitter follower of mine asked me where she could buy Marcelle products and unfortunately it’s not sold in USA stores, however you can buy it online at Marcelle.com and they ship to the USA! Hooray for sharing neighbours. Buy any Marcelle mascara and receive one Marcelle Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat for Free. Offer applies between August 19 and September 30, 2013. Online only. Promotional code upon check out: BOGO.

How does the Marcelle waterproofing mascara top coat compare to the Anastasia lash genius?waterproof-brushes

(Left-Right Marcelle, Anastasia)

It’s pretty on par. If I were going to suggest you get one of the two products, they’re virtually the same. Save your $12 and get the Marcelle.

Random tidbit: Marcelle is one of the first cosmetic lines I started using. Especially after I found out that I should only be using hypo-allergenic products (mainly in the winter due to my eczema).

Disclaimer: Marcelle Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat was sent to me for review. I have not been compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% my own, as always!

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Anastasia’s Lash Genius

Summer is coming up and nobody wants to have what I end up having towards the end of the day: residue under my eyes which ends up looking like I have tremendous looking dark circles after being out in the hot summer sun. Dark circles will never be attractive.

Anastasia lash genius.

I don’t use a water proof mascara on a daily basis even though I probably should with the amount of laughing I do in the run of a day. My mascara always comes off because I’m a cry-laugher. Yep, one of those.

Anastasia has come up with the perfect blended formula which isn’t a waterproof mascara in itself. It waterproofs your OWN mascara by applying this on top. Anastasia will be launching Lash Genius — it’s a clear topcoat for your eyelashes, which basically waterproofs the mascara you already own! Dual purpose. Keep your favorite mascara but also waterproof it when needed. Lash Genuis for sure.

Lash Genius keeps your lashes in place without the clumping, or even hardening of your lashes. I’m always afraid my lashes will break off when they harden like that with certain mascaras! Lash Genius is pretty weightless on those blinkers of yours. Is that a term people use for eyelashes? I kinda just made that up. I like it. Blinkers. Turn on those blinkers girls!

Anastasia lash genius with the top of the tube. Love their logo.

Lash Genius doesn’t make your lashes brittle, in fact it coats them and you’re left with soft lashes after putting this stuff on. Meaning they won’t break off or no losing precious lashes after you remove your mascara.

I’m not a false eyelashes wearer because I’m blessed with long lashes that hit my eyebrows , but you can use Lash Genius on your false eyelashes to hold them in place with your regular eyelashes.

It will retail for $21 once it hits Sephora stores in late May.Check out the promo video for it!

Anastasia’s Lash Genius was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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