Got my grades from the past semester. I got me an 80.0% average. I was so happy yesterday, you couldn’t even peel me off the ceiling. I was really worried about a lot of my courses. YEEEEEEEEE! It’s Friday night and I’ve got nothing planned, except to clean up the house and possibly do some homework. I went on a fieldtrip about an hour and a half outside the city today. I love our class, we’re really close so whoever’s car I was in, I knew I’d have a blast. Stef and I were belting out the old Beatles tunes, and some RHCP, it was soooo fun.

Check out this “bird of paradise” flower I’ve been working on with the gradient mesh, in Illustrator. For those who do not know much about Illustrator, this frigging thing took me 9hours to do. Not even finished yet. AAARGH. :)

First photo, was from last night. Went out to supper with some class mates for my birthday. Mmm yummers. Second photo was taken in Ferryland, by the ocean. I thought it was pretty nifty.

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