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Two times in two weeks our doorbell has rung after the sun had long set. Full on pitch black outside. Talk about heart palpitations. We don’t know many people here, and when they do come to the door — I know in advance, so we’re not spooked.

Scene two. Doorbell rings. Picture me crawling on the floor, with Alfie barking viciously — while I’m shushing him without luck, trying to peek out to see if it’s a sketch-ball or someone legitimate in hopes that he cant see me back through the peep-hole. Ninja style. He yells out, over Alfie’s wild and angry voice that he has a package for me, and states my first and last name. Seems like he’s in the right place!

Luckily it was the UPS delivery guy again. I peep out once more to see if he’s wearing his uniform. He is. Breathing a sigh of relief, I open the door and the confrontation is friendly, quick, and definitely awkward. Alfie’s wiggling, barking and trying to get out of my arms. Signing the signature pad with chicken scratches as he hands me a package. I shut the door shortly there after. Dear UPS, WHAT are your hours? Why do I seem to miss your first delivery attempt during the early morning, when it’s daylight at 8am and showering.

As much as I hate answering the door after dark. I feel like I need to race down and hug the strange man at on the front porch. My heart beats out of my chest (because it’s after dark and hello this is scary-ville-California), but when I know that the package arriving for me is from Dior I can’t help but get giddy and excited about what’s inside. Dior-Fluid-SticksOkay, well this is my second time receiving something from them. But I want to reiterate I’m forever grateful that I get to work with such a prestigious brand — I have no idea why they like working with me. But I’ll take it.

4-Dior-Fluid-SticksI feel like I don’t know much about make up. I like wearing it. I like applying it. I also like experimenting with it. This isn’t a beauty blog. It’s a lifestyle blog that focuses on a mixture of things, including beauty products. If I blogged only about beauty, I’d get nowhere. Because who am I to tell you how to do things? When I’m just still trial and errorin’ it as I go. I think that’s part of the fun, and exploring new products, new brands, and just having a time trying out what looks you prefer to wear.

FluidSticks-by-poolDior came out with these Fluid Sticks. So naturally I took it upon myself to have a photo session at the pool.

Dior-Fluid-Sticks-on-pool-dI’m unsure how to describe them, since they’re not a lipstick, nor a gloss. Dior’s hashtag for the Fluid Sticks is #thisisnotalipstick. It’s a liquid lipstick-gloss-stain-thing that has some intense, very fun, pigmentation.

EVERYTHING-DIORI’m having oodles of fun trying them all out. You’ll notice there’s some nail polishes I’ve yet to talk about. Soon, friends.

I don’t have much expertise with Dior lipsticks, besides the two I’ve tried out in the past. So I can’t gauge how they compare to other Dior lip products. But what I can say is HOLY pigmentation. Look at these lip swatches. One pass through with the Fluid Stick, and you have this intense, shiny, rich lip. The formula on the Fluid Sticks feel nice. A little noticeable feeling while they’re on but they’re nice. I like that they don’t feel drying either like a few other lip products I’ve tried in the past.

Dior-FluidSticks-on-my-lipsTop: Wonderland, Aventure // Bottom: Mirage, Pandore

I know many people like their strong lip colours to be matte or not really glossy at all. But this hits two birds with one stone for me. The less I have to do with my lips, the better. One thing I want to shout from the rooftops is that they don’t bleed on my lips. Isn’t that the worst? You feel so confident finally deciding on walking outside of the house with some bold lips, and boom a half hour later you’re a mess with faded smeary lipstick all over your face. I don’t know how it happened either. But that lip product went straight to the garbage when I got home.

Be a little careful wearing them when you’re eating and drinking, as they leave the infamous lip marks on your drinking glasses. When I swiped my finger off my lip about 45 minutes after I applied the product, it still comes off. So I feel like it doesn’t really set. Should it set? I don’t know. I’m not a lip-pro.

Now that I’m getting more into lip colours, I find that I can easily pull off bright vibrant colours such as these. When I did the Annabelle 24 Day Challenge, I noticed that I preferred the reds and oranges on me moreso than nudes or pinks. Interestingly enough, the Dior Fluid Sticks are made with water, and not with wax like a lot of other brands. Therefore it feels lighter (but still noticeable to me) on your lips.

The four colours I’ve shown, are bright and probably not everyone’s cup of tea. My cousin instagramm’ed me asking if there were any lighter colours in the collection. There is! That’s how I found Lena‘s website as she too wanted lighter hues for everyday wear. Here’s an excerpt of what  had to say about the Fluid Stick she bought.

When I first tested it, the color went on thick like concealer and instantly washed out my complexion.

At this point I was silently screaming “My $35!!?!”, but the formula warmed up in seconds and transformed into something much lighter as if it was melding with my lips.

Visit Lena’s blog for the full post including photos.

Disclaimer: The Dior Fluid Sticks were sent to me by the PR team. I never do paid posts/ads in exchange for product review. That is not honest. Opinions are my own, I’d like to keep it that way, since I like tellin’ ya how it is.

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  1. I can just picture you crawling on the floor getting to the door without being seen. LOL I do the same thing especially at night. There has been a few times I had deliveries at night and its kind of scary.

    I like the mirage color. Wonderland looks really nice of you

  2. I can just picture you crawling on the floor getting to the door without being seen. LOL I do the same thing especially at night. There has been a few times I had deliveries at night and its kind of scary.

    I like the mirage color. Wonderland looks really nice of you

    Do you recommend them?

  3. Those are really pretty colors. I don’t usually go for bright colors, but those look good on you and now you got me wanting to try them! *tempted to start my own beauty blog for free swag*

  4. Great review :)
    Thanks for the link love!
    Pandore is my favorite color on you. I still feel medium color range is missing at least when I look at the colors avail in north America.
    Having said that, I think I need (want!) Wonderland after all.

  5. @Cindy: Ugh it was brutal when that first doorbell rang. I’d recommend the Dior Fluid Sticks, only if you’re a lip-product lover. They lasted between 2-3 hours with only snacking. I haven’t seen any product like it – the only thing I could compare them to, like Lena did on her blog – was the YSL Glossy Stains which lasts longer, but the Dior ones are just… different. I like ’em.
    Nancy recently posted..How to name your blog postsMy Profile

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