Burning myself

Wow, how many times in a run of a 24 hour period can I burn myself? Three and counting to be exact! Last night I went to answer my telephone which was on my dresser right next to a halogen lamp that was turned on for hours. Burnt the upper part of my arm. That stings like the mother load. This afternoon, I was making some hot dogs and tea. Burnt my hand pouring the water out, after the hot dogs were done, and — the worst, burning my tongue on the hot tea for the day. Frick b’y. So, I’m probably going to go climbing tonight. I still need to tape my bloomin’ left ring finger up. I’ve been doing a lot more top rope lately, instead of just all bouldering. I don’t want to stop climbing and let it heal, so maybe top rope will relieve my finger of some stress? sneak preview of the new basement!!! I’ve been sleeping down there since last Sunday. Anyhoo, I’m gonna do something with my hair, didn’t brush or dry it today. Looks like a birch broom in the fits! Lata.

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