I want a sleek white laptop…

I’m going to be going on a few less than week long vacations this year and I’ll probably get more into depth on them later on as I still have a secret to tell you guys about where I’m going and I am SOOOO EXCITED. But I’ve been looking at getting a new laptop Computer. Basically it’s because my laptop that I have now is 5 years old and doesn’t hold a battery charge unless it’s plugged into the wall.

I’ve been on the hunt for something like one of those mini Acer computers, the notebook sized one’s since all I do in my spare time is write blog entries, surf the web and read online. I don’t do any Graphics at all at home. I mean, I do yes from time to time but it’s not a needed thing.

There are so many neat little Accessories coming out where you can actually decorate your own laptops with graphics that you’ve designed personally. It’s really neat.

Plus, my desktop computer is getting up there as well. That was purchased in December 2005, where as my Laptop was given to me as a graduation present in June 2006. So they’re almost the same “age”.

Thankfully my Boyf is a computer know-it-all and can help me out with picking up a really great deal when we see one.

When’s the last time you got a new computer?

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    That is all.
    Oh P.S. Were you speaking of my twitter profile pic? I read your tweet half asleep and was so confused haha I was like my makeup does not look good!

    Nancy says: MAC = $$$ But I suppose well worth it. I haven’t worked on one since 2006. Yes, your twitter pic!

  2. You could buy a new battery, lol.
    I’ve upgraded my laptop so many times I think it’s definitely time to replace it. I can’t upgrade to Windows 7 because the graphics card is SO OLD. My laptop is from 2004 (!) but I’ve opened it up and put a new DVD player, extra RAM, a new harddrive, a new mousepad, a new keyboard, and new screen hinges (did you know they disintegrate over time?!) so hardly any of it is as old as the processor (over 6 years old!). It’s time I think…

    IDK if this will help you because you’re looking at netbooks, but some of the best processors out there at the moment at the Intel Core i5 and i7. i7 is the best but it’s pricey. Core i5 is a good compromise, and their little brother i3 is less powerful still but the cheap option.

  3. I bought a Toshiba last year. My second one. I love them :) But will probably get a MAC next :P

    ooOoo i’m excited to know where you’re going! I’m going to make a guess and say… Newfoundland, New York, and err… Ireland? Haha

    Nancy says: None of the above! lol Won’t be going back to Ireland soon – my brother is now in Newfoundland with his fam

  4. You’ll be disappointed if you get a net book. Acer has some really good deals on laptops now. For less than $500, you can get a decent one. Whatever you get, you’ll want for another 5 years, so get something good…..not cheap. Birthday is coming soon. Maybe the birthday fairy can contribute a little :-)

  5. I bought a 17in. toshiba laptop 3years ago and I have had problems with it since the very first day. The main failure comes always from the battery and the charger. I have replaced them 3 times each.
    Since 2009 I work at my office with a 15in. Compaq laptop and my experience couldn’t be better. Hard as a rock and works properly even when I have taken it with me during my work trips round Europe.
    I agree with Dean, would a netbook be good enough for you?

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