This is what happens when I don’t pick out my outfits for my work week all in one day. I wear the same pants three days this week. That’s what happens man, I ruin my favorite clothes by wearing them all out.

I have a $50 gift card to Yvonne Estelle’s that you guys can enter, while waiting for me to get my hair done. That’s right, I’m back at the salon getting the orange more vibrant, and bleached out. Stay tuned!

I also need someone to give me a miraculous medal for handling this week. It’s been a rough, busy week and I am SO glad it is over. I’ve been in a bad mood since Wednesday. It can only get better from here…

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  1. Even if you didn’t plan very well, I still think you have nice variety in your outfits! I have to force myself not to wear the same things all the time.

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